Me and my ex boyfriend have been talking again, but he has a girlfriend - what should I do?

he always says that he misses me and wants to hang out & he's always asking me for pictures and I always remind him he has a girlfriend I really want to send him pics but I feel bad & he says I'm just teasing him what does that mean? we go to different schools now so maybe he just wants to wait till I go back next year to get back together?


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  • Hmm.. From my opinion I think he still likes you. Or cares for you. Like if he's telling you that he misses you, and wants to hangout and if he asks for pictures then that just probably means he likes you. But that's from my opinion. But if he has a girlfriend and he likes you, he should decide which one he wants to be with. You should agree to hangout with him and talk to him about this. Talk about if he still has feelings for you and that stuff.

    • thanksss that helps alot..& yeahh I already agreed to hang out with him cause I really want to know what he wants.

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  • You don't see something wrong with the fact that he has a girlfriend, he's asking you for pics, and he's making YOU feel bad about not giving him any?

    • yesss I know there's something wrong with that but I reaaally like him so idk.

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    • Yes, I am. I can't keep you from liking this douche, but do NOT give him pictures. I can't even count how many girls from my high school are permanently, utterly, emotionally broken all because they trusted some asshole with private pictures.

    • ohhh I wont..

  • if he has a girlfriend, he is palying you... he misses having sex with you- he doesn't love you, he doesn;t wanna be with you exclusively... he wants to make sure he can yo-yo you... Why go through all this trouble? Don't be hardheaded... this guy, you gotta tell him... to go shove it

  • Ehh... If he really liked you he wouldn't have a girlfriend. He's more than likely keeping her as backup in case you say no which is totally wrong and pathetic. And I really doubt she knows he ls telling you this stuff which is also wrong cause if they're dating then he shouldn't hide anything from her. If he's willing to break up with her for you, what makes you think he won't break up with you for somebody else? If he's asking for dirty pictures then he's an a**hole and you should kick him in the d**k Another thing to consider is why y'all broke up. Who did it (if he did it then DO NOT take him back cause if he didn't care enough the first time, he won't the second), did y'all have a sexual relationship (this is important cause if so he probably just wants sex), and how well did he treat you (women should be treated like queens so you shouldn't settle for anything less)

    • your right but I just have a feeling he won't do that to me but I guess that's stupid of me to think that. he broke up with me but it was my fault & he tried talking to me after that but I would always ignore him so he moved on..& no we didn't have a sexual relationship so I don't need to worry about that.. he treated me great like I said it was my fault we broke up he thought I was emberassed to be with him or something I don't know its complicated & we go to different schools until next year

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  • No he isn't waiting. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. I'd tell him commit or quit. Its about respecting yourself.

  • Don't do anything that will harm his current relationship. If you can't be friends without controlling yourself, then it's best to just leave him alone. No girl wants a guy's ex trying to steal her man. You had him once, & it ended for a reason. Don't get in this girl's way, you wouldn't like it if some woman did that to you.

  • this boy is a player. leave him alone. ... if he really liked you why is he not with you? if he missed you why is he not with you? just some questions for you to ask yourself

  • Ask yourself. Would you want to be with someone that talks to other girls when theyre already in a relationship ? what makes you think he won't do to you what he's doing with his girlfriend?

  • Maybe he just wants to b friends, because maybe he sitll has feelings for you, but don't go bak out with him when he has a girlfriend, you wouldn't want to be her when she gets her heart broken know would you, and don't go back together, wait till they break up than you can think bout going bak

  • Woah, woah. Don't you know what's morally right from wrong?

    If the guy already has a girlfriend, and the relationship between you two is becoming more "more-than-friendish" you should know right then and there not to go any further with it.

    Hanging out is fine, talking is fine, don't get me wrong, but if the guy openly ignores the fact that he has a girlfriend and you have to REMIND him that he has one, he can't be trusted.

    In effect, a relationship with him could be the same thing happening right now: he'll start talking behind your back with his ex, asking for pictures and sending "I miss yous."

    But it's just my opinion. If you really like him, just make sure he's completely and utterly single before you date him again.

  • im was in the same place, he just wants to mess with your head, don't let him,