Me and my ex boyfriend have been talking again, but he has a girlfriend - what should I do?

he always says that he misses me and wants to hang out & he's always asking me for pictures and I always remind him he has a girlfriend I really want to send him pics but I feel bad & he says I'm just teasing him what does that mean? we go to different schools now so maybe he just wants to wait till I go back next year to get back together?


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  • Hmm.. From my opinion I think he still likes you. Or cares for you. Like if he's telling you that he misses you, and wants to hangout and if he asks for pictures then that just probably means he likes you. But that's from my opinion. But if he has a girlfriend and he likes you, he should decide which one he wants to be with. You should agree to hangout with him and talk to him about this. Talk about if he still has feelings for you and that stuff.

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      thanksss that helps alot..& yeahh I already agreed to hang out with him cause I really want to know what he wants.