Does my ex boyfriend still care or is he using me?

My ex boyfriend broke up about 4 and a half months ago and I still have feelings for him. He was the first real relationship I had and he was also my first time having sex.

We dated for a year and a half towards the end it was off and on because of his mother and rumors he had been hearing. After he broke up with me we didn't talk for those 4 and a half months and he would be just a complete jerk talking crap about me. Towards the end of those 4 and a half months he had another girlfriend who happened to be a really good friend of mine.

Out of the blue at our high school's festival he started talking to me he let me wear his jacket and this was still when he had a girlfriend. On our "lunch break" he broke up with the girl and right after that according to her and a bunch of other people at the school he came straight to me. He started being all nice and I guess kinda flirty; he would poke me try to tickle me, put his head on my lap and just lean on me. He unblocked me on Facebook and started talking to me again.

I was curious into what his reason(s) was for talking to me again. He told me he had a talk with I guess a mutual friend and it made him realize something (I don't know what that is). He then told me he was only doing this until the end of the school year just so there wouldn't be drama. I then asked him straight out a couple of days later if her cared at all and he said no he didn't. At school though if I was quiet or sad looking he would ask if I was okay and wouldn't stop until I answered him. He also tries to make me eat (I'm on a pain medication that makes me not want to eat) He also brings up memories, good memories of us dating and he feels comfortable putting random things in my back pockets. I asked him isn't that awkward and he said no because of all that we had been through.

Everytime I say he doesn't care he rolls his eyes and says I just want to hear it. Only I don't know what he's talking about

I am very confused. A part of me says he does care but another part of me says he is just using me.

Does my ex boyfriend still care or is he using me?
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