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Why didn't my ex tell me he had a new girlfriend? We're still friends, I told him about my new guy.

Me & my ex were together for a LONG time. We've been apart almost 2 yrs...but we've never stopped talking. I was open with him about the new guy I... Show More

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  • Because he doesn't want to be open with you about him seeing people. You two may be close friends but you are his ex and nobody wants their ex to be in a way of a relationship even though it is there close friend.

    Another thing is maybe he wants to hide the girl he's dating from you because if your his ex and your his friend, he may think that she may feel uncomfortable with that because your a another girl he's talking to and especially his ex.

    I'm not a girl, but I know they can easily get jealous.

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  • He's your ex, he doesn't have to tell you anything he doesn't feel lik

    • thanx for the answer. I understand that, but at the same time he tries to keep tabs on my life, tells me he still has feelings, loves me, contacts me almost daily, etc. Why does he try to be in my life, but he's not as open about his..

  • Well to be honest why does that bother you?...he obviously doesn't feel the need to be that open with you at least with that...Im the same way with my ex I don't tell her about the girls that I'm dating because simply because we don't have that type of friendship.

    • ehhh I guess it bothers me because I think its a rebound. He was still telling me he missed me & so on, trying to hang out, etc while they had been together for the past 6 months ..I told him about my new guy, but I haven't told him it didn't work out...as I'm realizing he was a rebound. His girlfriend knows all about me & questions him about me..so he tells me. Its clear we still have feelings for eachother...i jus didn't see why he had to hide it..but thanks for the answer tho

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