Why does my ex tell me he has a new girlfriend?

So, we broke up after being on and off for years. I love him, but it just didn't work. I was the one who told him "he has to leave me alone, we can't be friends, etc".

So, no contact. He called to congratulate me on graduating. I said thanks, then something snarky and didn't talk to him for 3 months again. So, I sent just a link to an article that was funny for us. He asked how I was. I just said "good. Hope all is well with you". I don't want to know how he is, I just sent the email to kind of say "i don't hate you anymore,etc".

He responds back about how he is so happy with his new girlfriend. WTF! I didn't ask. Did he just do it to make me jealous? So I won't contact him anymore?

It's bothering me.

I should add that I love him. So much. I just can't be just friends with him. But I didn't want it to be hostile. But to tell me about the new girlfriend just seemed 'mean' . . as if he said it to try to hurt me. Why would he do that?


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What Guys Said 1

  • What do you want from him then? You love him but do not want a relationship or friendship or him completely out of your life, did I get this right? What does that leave left, and why do you want to contact him at all if you keep him so distant and restricted?


What Girls Said 1

  • why is it bothering you?

    You don't care how he is, so you shouldn't care what he has to say to you.

    • I do care how he is. I just don't want to hear about him with other women, as it's hurtful. I wouldn't tell him about other guys out of respect. There is love there. It's too hard to be friends. But it hurts so much more to just be told "oooooh, my new girlfriend seems really promising"

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