Why does my ex keep bringing up the past?

My ex and I were together for 3 years and broke up 2 years ago. Once all the dust had settled we started to talk and became friends again. We have been friends for about a year and just recently I moved to another country. He still talks to me, but lately the conversations have become really strange. First he started asking me about how I used to enjoy sex with him, and what he could have done to make sex better for me... he has a new girlfriend now, so I assumed he was feeling insecure about he sex skills so I reluctantly gave him some pointers. Then yesterday, he started "joking" that I should send him naked pictures. I told him no, he would never see me naked again and then he asked "but what if we get back together?" and I said "I highly doubt that will ever happen". He kept asking and asking why I wouldn't want to be with him again. Eventually I told him that he criticized me too much and made me feel insecure about myself and that I never had self-esteem issues before we were together, and don't anymore now that we are apart. Then he got pissed because I was blaming him for our relationship ending and went offline.

But what is that? Why, after 2 years is he bringing all this stuff up... he always used to joke that I was still in love with him, does he really believe that, and why would he ask about getting back together when I am in a different country... there is literally an ocean between us!


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  • He still has feelings for you and was probably deceiving himself into thinking that you still liked him since you're "friends" after breaking up. As for getting back together, iunno, maybe he thought the attraction was strong enough to pull either of you over to one another.

    This is why being friends with ex is a very, very tricky little thing. You're pretty much walking over thin ice with the cold waters below being the harsh reality of either party still in love/feeling for the other, who has already moved on.

    • It took a long time for us to be friends... I only got back in contact with him because I knew I was completely over him and since he had had two girlfriends since we broke up and years had passed I figured he had moved on too... especially since he dumped me because he didn't have feelings anymore

  • Because he loves you... Why are you asking questions when you already know the answer.. And just for the simple fact that you guys are still talking and you even give him the time of day, shows you still care too.


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