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Why does my ex still talk to me as if we were still together?

My girlfriend recently broke up with me with really not all that much reason. I never did anything to harm or hurt her, but she thought I was... Show More

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  • shes full of sh*t. you don't break up with people who want to be with you because you think you are hurting them. if she cared shed talk to you about it -not leave. she's disrespecting you by saying you're suffering no doubt you can think for yourself. she's just being a coward. she can't women up and be straight. I wouldn't go back to her but its your choice. I just hate that argument its so disrespectful to the person its being thrown at.

What Girls Said 12

  • just politely tell her that she should move on.

  • ITS TIME TO CUT THE UMBILICAL CORD! She was being completely selfish. Why would SHE break up with you if YOU were suffering? Think about it, it doesn't make sense. She probably just wants a boyfriend no matter who it is. Let her go, ignore her texts and calls and avoid her or talk in one word responses if she talks to you. She'll hopefully take the hint because she's not someone you need, AT ALL. You need to get over her, plain and simple.

  • well, I think you should ask her to a movie sometime, and play it by ear off her answer. if yes, that's a great sign. if no, just be like okay just wondering cause I wanna go and you were first in my mind to go with. hope all works out :D good luck :)


  • Maybe you can give your love the second chance,I think that your girlfriend still love you ,maybe she is just waiting for you,girls are always lack of safety,so if you love her,just hold her hands again

  • dude! she probably has someone else...or just isn't feeling you like that,...anymore...u probably aren't like hardcore enough or something is bothering her...mayb you guys just need a break 4 a while, search 4 sum1 new.

  • Yes!...I am sending you a pair of scissors as we speak to cut all ties. She feels guilty because she dumped you! Second if the truth be told, she was the one suffering because she wasn't satisfied, in which way I have no idea. She said she felt you were suffering to make herself look good. Oh please just live you life minus her. You have good intentions as well as you sound like you are a nice guy, don't waste your thought process, money or time on her, who kinda misses someone?!?!? Now that's funny as well as InsultinG!...ciao

    Vonda G. Nelson

  • She is definitely harboring same sex tendancies.

  • Cut her off. This can go on for years and you'll be dragging yourself through heartache.. it's what happened to me. She likes the comfort of being with you when SHE needs you, but she also likes the freedom of doing whatever the hell she wants and not having to feel guilty (because you aren't together) trust me, the girl you are supposed to be with will come along soon enough and you will be much happier, BUT, in order for that to happen, you have to be completely open.. and spending time with this other girl is slimming your chances! Good luck!

  • she's used to be being with you & hasn't let go

  • First of all stop being a puppy dog and be the guy you know your not for a while because she knows the type of person you are and already expect to hear you miss her and you love her and she knows without you saying that you want to be with her, so in a kinda way she knows she will always have you, she could see other guys, they would break up but you will always be there waiting whether you admit it or not, that is the truth. From your question you asked you seem to be the good guy, flip the coin and be the bad guy, go date someone even if your not interested just let her see that you're not waiting for her and you'll see how the tables turn. Oh yeah if you want her attention immediately make up a story about a girl you met and get her jealous that will send her crazy, you sitting around and acting desperate no pon intended is going to push her further from you, if you continue the way you are doing it now, next time you ask if she missed you might just say NO.

  • Even when you break up with someone, it's hard to break old habits. I still talk to my ex, and even though we have no romantic feelings for each other, we will end up sexting. It doesn't mean anything, it's just that it's easy to fall into old patterns with someone that you already know.

    It sounds like you need time away from her so you can heal. Don't misread what she's doing.

    • Thank you for saying this! I thought it was weird that my ex and I would start talking like we're together again after spending too much time together. Glad to hear that it's normal.

What Guys Said 8

  • She still has deep sentimental feelings for you. You should not cut contact from her. Trust me because I have done that before and I regret it profoundly. Good luck.

  • ask her to a movie bro I would if I was you and let her knmow how you feel about her I'm in the same boat I still like my ex too man but she has a boyfriend that she hasn't even met before so I know I don't have competition with him but I don't know what I'm gonna do either

  • id find out why she really broke up with you first, that excuse of hers" yu were suffering" is lame.

    if I were yu id ask real questions and if they werent answered, break contact

  • I would say that she was suffering not you. I think she loves you and always will, but wasn't fulfilled by what she had with you. I think she will be there for you if you really need her, at least for a while. I also think the longer you try to stay close to her the harder it will be for both of you. I would figure you are going to be on your own for a while until you heal enough to decide whether you want someone else.

    I know this isn't what you wanted to hear. Other guys have been through this and survived. You can too.

  • I know we have an age gap but my guess is o he can still have all the perks of being with you without being with you

  • I am in the same boat. Good luck. You should leave her be. That's what I am trying to do(hope I succeed)

  • i am currently in same situation, but my ex-gf doesn't want me waiting for her, when I will wait because I love her a lot. Ask her to movies if you want to. wait a few days after the break up. I didn't get much from my ex right after the break but a few days later she's calling me just to say HI and tells me she misses me. I know she cares a lot and wants to be together but she feeling like she holding me back. time will help I know its hard, and most of all she knows you like her just take it slow and she will come back and start to talk and text more then you can set the movie date.

    • Thanks man


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