Why does my ex still talk to me as if we were still together?

My girlfriend recently broke up with me with really not all that much reason. I never did anything to harm or hurt her, but she thought I was suffering in the realationship which is completely wrong. I still tell her that I was always happy with her and I love her. I feel a lot of pain. A few days after she will talk to me or text me. She always is by my side even with out being in a realationship. I was just wondering if I should ask her If she would ever want to go to a movie with me again or something. I don't know if she still loves me because when I say I miss you she says yeah I kinda miss you. I don't know if she's just saying that because she broke up with me? That makes me feel terrible, I mean kinda misses me? Should I cut all contact from her? Please anyone answer this.


Most Helpful Girl

  • shes full of sh*t. you don't break up with people who want to be with you because you think you are hurting them. if she cared shed talk to you about it -not leave. she's disrespecting you by saying you're suffering no doubt you can think for yourself. she's just being a coward. she can't women up and be straight. I wouldn't go back to her but its your choice. I just hate that argument its so disrespectful to the person its being thrown at.