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Why is he always watching me?

Okay, this guy and I have quite a history.We went from friends, to best friends, to having crushes on each other, back to friends, then to friends... Show More

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  • I agree with your friend.

    It seems like he wants to be more than friends. (Although I'm sure what happened between you two exactly, but it also seems like he may be scared to be more than friends also because he was hurt before.)

    You need to have a heart-to-heart with him about your relationship...

  • Maybe he wants to rape you? :P

    Seriously, though, if other people's opinions "turned him against you", why do you even bother? Then again, you're under 18 and all that matters at that point in life is what others think about you. I'd say give some other NEW guys a chance, guys that won't "turn against you" because of some "rumors".

    Off-topic, but is this what High-school and pre-highschool has degenerated into?

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