Is my ex over me or just angry?

me and my ex broke up (I broke up with her)but 2 days I said sorry I still love her and want her back but she says she's talking to another guy she don't love me anymore she's done, we fought every now and then the only reason why we fought was because I wanted to have a weekend to myself and she wanted to be together all the time so its been 2 weeks since we broke up and she clams 2 be crazy about this new guy...ok they were only together for a week and she's saying she's crazy about him there going to prom in a limo like she's showing him off ut they already got into a big fight from what I heard but I'm really wondering is she really over me that quick or just mad at me and wants to make me jealous and do you think we can get back together she knows I love her more then anything I can't let her go!


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  • She is soooo rebounding to piss you off. Trust me, even if you were only together for 2 weeks there is no way she moved on in 2 days. It won't work with this guy, I am guessing if you just shrug it off and act like you don't care that she is with this other guy she will break up with him.

    • Lol I didn't think it was possible for her not to love me anymore we were together for a year now and I didn't think it was possible to be over someone in 2 days of being brokin up


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  • If she is rubbing it in your face that she has a new boyfriend then she is messed up in the first place. She obviously doesnt' care how you feel and wants to make you feel either guilty, jelous, revengeful, etc. I say let her go. She is probably using that guy for rebound. She might come back and realize that you really loved her. If not then she is not worth it.

  • Sounds like she's confused.


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  • Well there are two reasonings behind all this. either she didn't love you in the first place, so your break up did not effect her or she is hiding her feelings because she was hurt.

    How long have you two been dating, if I may ask? If she really did love you her feelings would not fade that fast. Also, that means that this new "relationship" is most likely a rebound. Be nice to her AND her new guy. I'm not saying go out of your way but don't talk bad about them or anything. Once she breaks up with him, which I think she will, she will see that you were still there for her. Make her want you back.

    Good luck man.

    • A year

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    • Just don't rush things. My ex and I have been apart for about a month and a half.

      I hope your right ; )

    • Lol let me know when yall do get together man!!!

  • i think she's mad at you and he's just a rebound to make you angry , she will come to terms with it she wants you to feel sorry so regardless of how sorry you are feeling act it and she might come back to you., how long has her new date been with her? versus how long you were with her because she will still believe in you more, even if you broke up as a person to her you will mean more and she will still care for you , just be there for her when this new guy is not ,

    just show your sorry and let the rest happen and fall into place , Good Luck and Hope I helped

    • Lol thanks man

    • Glad tp help my friend, your welcome