Is my ex over me or just angry?

me and my ex broke up (I broke up with her)but 2 days I said sorry I still love her and want her back but she says she's talking to another guy she don't love me anymore she's done, we fought every now and then the only reason why we fought was because I wanted to have a weekend to myself and she wanted to be together all the time so its been 2 weeks since we broke up and she clams 2 be crazy about this new guy...ok they were only together for a week and she's saying she's crazy about him there going to prom in a limo like she's showing him off ut they already got into a big fight from what I heard but I'm really wondering is she really over me that quick or just mad at me and wants to make me jealous and do you think we can get back together she knows I love her more then anything I can't let her go!


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  • She is soooo rebounding to piss you off. Trust me, even if you were only together for 2 weeks there is no way she moved on in 2 days. It won't work with this guy, I am guessing if you just shrug it off and act like you don't care that she is with this other guy she will break up with him.

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      Lol I didn't think it was possible for her not to love me anymore we were together for a year now and I didn't think it was possible to be over someone in 2 days of being brokin up