What does it mean when a guy has a new girlfriend after he broke up with his ex 2 weeks ago?

Was he bored of his ex and wanted something new?

Or is he healing himself up?

Please tell as much as you all can!


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  • In all honesty, I really wouldn't read that much into it! Naturally if I was the ex it would of course hurt and the natural reaction would be to think I meant nothing to him and he dumped me because he wanted someone else BUT after being in a few relationships I have come to understand some things about guys: They generally don't like being "alone." They like having someone around whether as a casual fling or as a girlfriend! Men get over break-ups differently. Girls tend to do the crying and the moping and the self-pitying stuff and move on when they have dealt with their feelings! Guys tend to get over break-ups by just not thinking about the ex! They just move on but that doesn't mean that they have moved onto someone whose better or the right fit! They just carry on... so if I was the ex I would try not to dwell on it! Leave him to it! You need to look after yourself! Concern yourself with what you're doing NOT what he is doing especially when you really have no idea what is going on, how their relationship is or how he feels! So what? You see them together and they seem happy! Well that was you once too and look what happened? Women see what we want to see and usually that is to the detriment of our own well being! We have a tendency to get some pleasure out of torturing ourselves when really WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE LIFE OF OUR EX! You owe it to yourself to be ok and to not care!

    • You're not saying thaat I'm thinking negatively about him for no reason....right? I mean I have proofs that he cheated me and why he wanted to break up, so this new woman can come in!

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    • I agree with Mernster. Cheating or no cheating, it doesn't matter.

      In a year, will it matter anymore what he did? I bet you, all you will say is that "he's a cheater and a jerk". I think you should leave him alone and let him be. What he does to his own life, is none of your business.

    • Correction: I bet, in the future if someone asks you, all.....

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  • That he doesn't like to be alone and needs to have a girl so he doesn't feel insecure.

  • Clearly you feel betrayed and used. You feel that you have been treated badly. And you are angry. All this is because you are looking at the situation in an incorrect way.

    You seem to be a fabulous girl and you have done a lot for this guy. This guy did not appreciate you and did not know how to treat you well. And now he has lost you. (Even if he comes crawling back to you one day, I am sure you will not want him.)

    So, think of it this way: His relationships will always end badly since he is a selfish guy who does not know how to recognize a girl who treats him well. You know how to treat a guy well and hence with a decent guy you will have a happy relationship.

    Only thing you need to learn from this is how to recognize and separate good guys from jerks.

  • either is possible. how did it end?

    • We were so serious with each other and got our families involved too, he kind of started to feel no spark in the relationship and he started to ignore me and avoided seeing me indirectly. He did bad at first sem of post secondary and told me we can't have a future together, meanwhile this was going on, I noticed this girl's msg to him and his msgs back to her which made it obvious that there was More than just the study issue that he wana break up with me for.

    • Because after knowing his failure, I did my best to support him in the best I could but he just wanted to break up no matter what! As soon as he got me out, Now he's dating her. There's nothing else like the pain he has given me and how he made me suffer </3

    • In that case, it was probably over in his mind some time b4 he broke up with you thus you can't read it as just 2 weeks. For whatever reason he didn't break up until he was sure he wanted to be with someone else.

  • i know so many people who break up with theregf/bf and then the next week or two he or she has another. Its not that they were tired of their ex or anything like that they just have to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Just a thing people have that makes them feel special.

  • first what is your real age? why do you think he cheated on you? money or sex or because we are in a flirt-tay-iuos world?

  • It's a rebound. He doesn't feel comfortable being alone, or he's trying to make you jealous, but other than that he's just rebounding.

    It's common. Don't worry about it, you're better than that :)

    • Yes I agree with lolfreddy you are better than him, don't worry.

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  • it means he was in contact with her while he was with you

    he's a douche and you need to forget him.

    i would go and enjoy a night out with friends, shop, get a new hairstyle, not care about what that fag is doing. move on and be well. that's what I advise

  • Sounds like he's not attracted to her anymore. What's the reason you two broke up though? If he says he still love you whatever it means he just jumping into a rebound relationship.

  • He could have liked the other girl while he was going out with you and he didn't want to cheat on you so he breaks up with you first and leaves it a couple of weeks and then gets with the other girl. That's only one reason it could be though.

    • But WTF really??? I could have done the same I swear and I still can, but.......................my has been torned apart!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Ask him as what? if you give it a thought, what right do I have to ask him that right? I've seen their msgs to each other on facebook and it proved they're dealing! He brokeup with me giving me an excuze of which I was considered a reason of. And yet, he got a new girl? If he thought I was coming in his way of focus on important stuff like studies, then how would he date another woman, was I too annoying and will she be a peace of mind that he chose her over me?:S

    • I don't think you were too annoying, tbh I don't think it had anything to do with you, it sounds like he just fell for this other girl. When you saw their msgs to each other did it seem like they'd only know each for a small amount of time or does it seem like they've known each other longer? I'm not saying he has cheated but maybe he was just interested in her while he was going out with you and he didn't want to cheat on you.

  • Likely, he was talking to the "new" girl while he was with the "old" girlfriend. So, once he was single, he could be with the other girl.

    Unless, of course, he's the type to just date around, and have MANY girlfriends.

    He's not healing himself...he wouldn't have broken up with the old girlfriend if it required "healing". He probably just wanted something new...

  • This happened to me last fall. My ex became distant and didn't want me around then he broke up with me because he didn't have feelings for me anymore. We had been together almost 3 years and as soon as it ended there was a new girl who he had met just before his behavior changed. After I found out about her I got some distance from him and stopped contacting him for a month. He ended up dumping her 2 weeks after I stopped contacting him and came back to me. She was just a rebound, someone who he thought could give him what he wasn't getting from me but later realized his relationship with me was much more fulfilling.

    • Thats what I feel like too, that he won't be with her for long, its just the temporary attraction which won't last long, because he might have felt that he can get things from her what he couldn't get from me, and once he fails there too, he may end up coming back to me, and THEN I'll show him!

  • REBOUND GIRL. To get his mind off it.