What does it mean when a guy has a new girlfriend after he broke up with his ex 2 weeks ago?

Was he bored of his ex and wanted something new?

Or is he healing himself up?

Please tell as much as you all can!


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  • In all honesty, I really wouldn't read that much into it! Naturally if I was the ex it would of course hurt and the natural reaction would be to think I meant nothing to him and he dumped me because he wanted someone else BUT after being in a few relationships I have come to understand some things about guys: They generally don't like being "alone." They like having someone around whether as a casual fling or as a girlfriend! Men get over break-ups differently. Girls tend to do the crying and the moping and the self-pitying stuff and move on when they have dealt with their feelings! Guys tend to get over break-ups by just not thinking about the ex! They just move on but that doesn't mean that they have moved onto someone whose better or the right fit! They just carry on... so if I was the ex I would try not to dwell on it! Leave him to it! You need to look after yourself! Concern yourself with what you're doing NOT what he is doing especially when you really have no idea what is going on, how their relationship is or how he feels! So what? You see them together and they seem happy! Well that was you once too and look what happened? Women see what we want to see and usually that is to the detriment of our own well being! We have a tendency to get some pleasure out of torturing ourselves when really WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE LIFE OF OUR EX! You owe it to yourself to be ok and to not care!

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      You're not saying thaat I'm thinking negatively about him for no reason....right? I mean I have proofs that he cheated me and why he wanted to break up, so this new woman can come in!

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      I agree with Mernster. Cheating or no cheating, it doesn't matter.

      In a year, will it matter anymore what he did? I bet you, all you will say is that "he's a cheater and a jerk". I think you should leave him alone and let him be. What he does to his own life, is none of your business.

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      Correction: I bet, in the future if someone asks you, all.....