He's cheating on his girlfriend with me, I want him!

i met this guy...hes already in a relationship for four years.but.. he told me he got feelings towards me and willing to break up with his gf..so he... Show More

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  • "I still couldn't forget him and cried everyday"

    "i felt really suffer"

    You have tasted, first hand unfortunately, what is like to be in a triangular relationship. In a nutshell, hell.

    "SHOULD I JUST LET HIM GO? [i couldn't]"

    Find the will power to leave the table --- you have a pile of sh?t on one dish, and a pile of goodies on another. Your problem is you can't turn your eyes away from the goodies, but the smell of the "pile of sh?t" is so obnoxious that it makes you puke. This is what happens with triangular relationships. They bait and abuse you at the same time.

    The longer you "indulged yourself" in such a relationship, the lower your self-esteem will sink, what is waiting for you around the corner is depression, anger/rage, jeolousy, perceived helplessness, hopelessness.

    Clear your mind of him. Ask yourself, "What kind of guy do I want ?" Focus on your answers, until the guy you want shows up. Make no compromise. Learn this lesson well and engage in no mediocre relationships. They put you in a worse situation than when you are without them.

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