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6 Reasons Why I'll Never Date a Guy Who Doesn't Want Kids

I know there have been a lot of myTakes recently about how girls DON'T want children. And how they don't care about dating guys who do want kids. That's all fine. Do what you want, you're entitled. However, I thought it'd...


4 Reasons Why I Don't Need A Girlfriend

I'm at peace with myself. The good, the bad and more often than not the Silly sides to me all work in tandem. I still have my off days but being single allows me to calm down at my own pace without hurting any loved ones....


An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

I tried being nice. From the time I wrote a MyTake honoring what I love most about women to when I defended older women from the misogynistic charge that they are worthless. I even wrote a letter to my future daughters,...


TMI Alert: When You're Sharing Too Much Information

In dating and general, some of the biggest hot topics people are worried about asking/being asked, especially early on, are how many partners you've slept with, are you a virgin/inexperienced, past/most recent...


The Double-Edged Sword of Multi-Dating

As popular as online dating has become, if you've used sites/apps like Tinder, POF, OkCupid, Match, Happn, etc then you know that multi dating is probably the most common thing all online dating users. There are good...


6 Reasons Why I'll Never Date a Guy Who Doesn't Want Kids

I know there have been a lot of myTakes recently about how girls DON'T want children. And how they don't care about dating guys who do want kids. That's all fine. Do what you want, you're entitled. However, I thought it'd...


Experiences of My Interracial Dating Life as Well as Differences

Hello there, I'm just a young black beautiful & confident girl here giving my opinions on why I choose to date outside my own race. And why i go for Latinos and maybe why more and more black girls are doing the same. 1)...


Dating a Foreigner: Possible or Not?

Suppose you meet a lovely foreigner at your university or work. Or you are on holiday and meet that gorgeous crush. What are your chances for a date or even a relationship? #BATTLEROYALE #teamZombiebabe 1. The language...


How And When To Ask Someone Out

Here is my second Take for this week's #BATTLEROYALE, which is about sex, dating and relationships. These tips were originally written for girls, but I adapted a few of them here for guys. Truth be told, I have written...


6 Golden Rules of Dating Everyone Would be Better Off Forgetting

"Don’t text or call them back for at least 4 hours after they’ve reached out to you unless you want to come off as desperate." All of the convoluted texting/calling rules for after a date are ridiculous. If you had a good...


Online Dating Response Rates from a Guy's Perspective

I did a little online dating experiment to see what response rate I would get. In this take I'll share my experiment and the results. Hypothesis: -Online dating is bullshit. Parameters: -If less than 10% of women respond...


A Milestone in My Life: The Day a Girl Finally Said "Yes"

On August 17, 2016, a date that will live on in glory, a milestone in my life occurred: A female finally said "Yes." She gave me her phone number, added me on Facebook, and expressed interest in going out. Asking finally...


Why Girls Don't Really Want To Date Ambitious Men

Girls Don't Want Successful Men Everybody wants an ambitious man. Until they see the hours that he works, that makes him successful. Shocking right? Hear me out. Most girls don't really want to date ambitious guys. Every...


4 Ways to Increase Your Success With Women (and Become a Prince)

Getting good with women is not by luck or by chance, there is a skill to it. The good part is that because it is a skill, it CAN be learned. Whether you want to be better with women to raise your confidence in yourself,...


What Did They Mean? Translating 5 Common Rejections

This take is the culmination of three arduous minutes of me staring off into space while eating my lunch outside, taking a break from all the work that I was supposed to do but instead didn't because I wanted to spin...


There's No Such Thing As Dating Out Of Your League

I'm sure we've all heard about someone talking about someone else or perhaps you've said it yourself, that this or that person is, "out of my league," or you've been told, you have no chance with him or her because they...


3 Perfect Places For the Perfect Date

Campfire Dates Campfire dates are great, because what's more romantic than cuddling up around a bonfire? Get cozy alone with your partner, or bring along the crew for a more lively night! Bring a blanket to cuddle in and...


Women Seeking Financially Secure Men Are Not Gold Diggers

I decided to get back into the dating world and I met this guy on POF- seven weeks age. He was kind, he made me laugh and treated me with respect but I refused to go on a second date with him. Why? You may ask. It was...


A Letter to My Brothers About Women

My Brothers, I feel like I should pass along some of my knowledge. Some of you seem to be doing fine, some of you seem to have no clue about women, and I feel for you. What you see on the media and in books is largely a...


Why I'm Attracted to Broken Girls

I'll begin by saying this: broken is mistakenly a derogatory word and I am no way trying to insinuate that I feel any kind of superiority over these women. Rather by broken, I hope here to imply dispersed, deprived, and...


8 Reasons Why I've Rejected Guys or Just Suddenly Lost Interest

Out of all the guys who have asked me out, these stuck out the most. They are different guys but I think several of them can overlap with reason number two. I am so glad to have the boyfriend I have now. I met him in an...


Top 5 Reasons Why Women Don’t Want Clingy Men

I decided to share some thoughts I’ve had about some of the guys I’ve recently talked to. A lot of them have had very clingy tendencies- I tend to date older which may play a factor in that. They could be in a rush to...


An Honest Look at What I've Learned From Rejection

Today I cried. And cried hard I did. It was my third day at work, the third day at a new job at the local grocery store that I was really enjoying. The reason why I enjoyed it, or at least one of the major reasons, was...


7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome

1. They make you feel safe A lot of money not only brings financial security, it can also buy safety and protection! 2. They have big... They have big bank accounts. They have big chunks of money waiting in the bank. 3....


Happily Never After: The Story of How I Led a Guy On

Here’s a story of a time I led a guy on. If you’re reading this, J …Sorry. This guy and I shared a class together and for almost half the year we never acknowledged each other’s existence. It wasn’t until one day I moved...


The REAL Answers to "Who Should Pay?" When Dating

#BATTLEROYALE People on this site just LOVE to argue about who should pay for dates -- especially first dates. I've gotta say, the sheer level of raw passion surrounding this subject is entertaining to see. In any case,...


Why Being Hard to Get is a GOOD THING: A Detailed Look into the Most Controversial Dating Tactic

Captain of #TeamRJ, reporting in! Ready to rumble in G@G’s #BATTLEROYALE! Get ready everybody, it’s already getting messy. Keep an eye out for me on your mytakes fellow competitors, because your girl is going to be...


Women, This Is Why Men Might Not Want to Date You

You Focus More On Who Should Pay For The First Date, Instead Of Focusing On The Actual Date! Maybe a man should pay on the first date or maybe he shouldn't, who knows? All I know is dates are about getting to know each...


Men, This is Why We Don't Want to Date You

This article is purely based on my personal experience/opinion and those of close female friends of mine. It is not intended to offend anyone. You Won't Pay For The Girl On The First Date! If you can't invest on the first...


10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

Okay, yesterday I wrote about "Top 10 things I hate about women". Well this is the what I love about you beautiful ladies take of it. Enjoy. 1.) Innocence I love it when she pisses you off to a whole new level... ....So...


The Sad Truth Is: Men Don't Like Natural Women

I speak from experience, and this is definitely not meant to offend any of our fellow men or women! Growing up in a city with 1 million people- mostly white collar, I had some interesting friends. I remember speaking with...


Top 10 Things I Really Hate About Women

Gonna get straight to the point. Alright, these are the things I hate. Before somebody says it ain't true, I don't obviously speak for all men just me, some of my friends agree with some, some don't. 1.) Masculinity Ok...


Your Friends Just Ruined Your Relationship!

I just came out of a crazy 2 year relationship. The craziest part? How I didn't see it coming! The biased advice, the strong criticism, the eye rolls and the whispers- YES, those were the best friends that ruined my...


The Most Important Thing to Remember to Do On a First Date

Be honest with yourself and your date. Breathe. Have fun. Sounds super generic right and like the most obvious things, and I'm sure plenty of Takes about this already, but here's MINE. Most people on first dates are...


Why Women Have Ruined Dating and Relationships

I think the reason why women have ruined the dating and relationships is because most women today choose bad men over good men. Have a read of what this woman said. Of course, she doesn't speak for ALL women, but it does...


The Awkward, "Are We or Are We Not in a Relationship?" Moments

This is more about texting and emoji moments than usual dating world.... OK so you meet a guy and you start getting to know him and there is a lot of contact in the beginning, we all get this right? Normal texts when you...


5 Reasons Why I Have Rejected Guys (It's Not All About Looks You Know)

More than once (once most recently) I have been accused of not dating someone because I didn't think they were in my league, which was not the case. A lot of guys seem to think that if a girl rejects them it's because she...


I'd Rather Be Single Than Settle: How to Be Satisfied Being Alone

I'm writing this myTake to debunk the myth that women are incomplete without a partner, remove the rose-tinted glasses that many people wear when they think about relationships and to offer practical advice on enjoying...


Why You Guys Should Start Rejecting More Women

A lot of guys refer to being in the decider role as "flipping the script" on a girl. By this, they mean to turn it into a tactic. They realize that girls have egos as well and once disturbed can cause them to chase...


5 Personality Traits I Find Hot In A Guy

There seem to be a few posts about what girls find physically attractive in guys (I've wrote one myself) but I'd like to tell you what I like in a guys personality. 1) Kindness There is nothing hotter than a guy who is...


It Isn't Just Puppy Love, It's Lifelong Knowledge (Teenage Dating)

When we were young children each and every experience was new to us and crucial in our development. If not for the information we learned early on from our loved ones, peers and teachers, we'd be at an extreme...