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Get much needed dating tips on how to keep them interested! Learn when it's okay to progress, what it takes to make them want to see you again.


What I Love About Nerdy Men

There are different sorts of men that appeal to me. One of the types, I will focus on are those that appear nerdy. Don't worry, I haven't gone crazy (just yet), I am in no way speaking about the Steve Urcle (Family...


7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome

1. They make you feel manly They wrap their long legs around you and snuggle into your chest. There's no better feeling. 2. They have big T and A This one doesn't need to be explained. We all love when a girl has...


How to Get a Date: Complete Guide with 3 Big Misconceptions

People see dating as "mysterious". I dislike that. So I'm going to settle some misconceptions here which will help guide you through the BS that socially awkward people tell you over the internet. 99% of this advice...


No, There Aren't Plenty of Fish in the Sea: Statistics Don't Lie

It is perhaps the most commonly repeated piece of relationship advice. "There are plenty of fish in the sea" has been uttered by those helping friends through breakup and rejection and by those frustrated with dating to...


7 Reasons Why Tall Guys Are Awesome

1. They make you feel safe They can wrap their big arms around you and you can snuggle into their chest. There's no better feeling. 2. They have big hands and feet This one doesn't need to be explained. We all love when...


Genuine Guy vs. Nice Guy: Ladies, Try and Tell Me I'm Wrong

5 minute read Guys, you're all doing this to yourselves. In fact I almost put this in the Guy's Behavior section instead of the dating section. Guys, despite how this article may sound to some of you I am on your side....


5 Reasons Why I Decided to Reject Girls in College

College. Ah, yes. It was possibly the memorable experience that I've had in the past 24 years of my life. In college, you get a chance to meet so many different people from so many different backgrounds. For all you dudes...


Why It's Okay to be Shallow in the Dating World

I think it's ridiculous when people get offended and hostile about not fitting someone's preferences so this is why I wrote this. 1. A relationship can't last without mutual attraction. it's going to be a waste of time...


Women As Initiators: Why Courtship Roles Should Change

*this myTake is heavily based on this myTake by justbanANNAz, just so you know the initial context. No, I'm not a traditional guy. No, I'm not stuck in the 50's. I don't believe in gender roles and their benefits, and...


Ten Things I Look For In A Woman

Now all guys are different so I can't say these apply to all of us but I might touch on a few we share. I also would like to point out this list was more or less made over the last twenty years. And we all know Women grow...


Man As Initiator: Why Courtship Roles Shouldn't Change🚶🏽💭❤️

Yes, I'm a traditional girl. No, I'm not stuck in the 50's. I believe in gender roles and their benefits, but not necessarily that one must confine themselves to the way society expects an individual to perform. Society...


It's Perfectly Fine to Flirt with a Girl/Guy Who Has a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

I'm writing this take because I keep seeing questions related to asking out, hitting on, etc. with someone who has a SO already. I also keep seeing responses like: "no, it's never ok to ask a girl If she's interested, if...


5 Reasons Why Video Games Are Better Than A Girlfriend

Wrote this for a blog on an app I use...they all got a kick out of it (albeit the ones who got offended, not realizing this may or may not be satire). In case you didn't see that big, bold print over there...again...I...


Why The Dating Scene In 2016 Is A Bust For Me (Rant)

I was just asking someone for some advice, and was told that marriage was a bad deal for men under most circumstances. I never plan on marrying...that's something I decided on as soon as I hit puberty and 8 or so years...


To Chase or Not to Chase: That is the Gamble

Chasing women is a waste in this day and age, as you basically place yourself in a position of lower value even if she does give you a chance because you had to come to her. In any relationship it's the one who has the...


Need Some Summer Date Inspiration? 6 Fun Ideas for Couples

At one point or another we all get tired of doing the same old thing during dates. Dinner and a movie or going out for coffee can be boring after a while. Here are 6 date ideas to help provide some inspiration! 1) Visit a...


GaG User Video: Should Men Always Pay on the First Date?

Here in this Take - and my video below - I will be discussing what I and others think about the debate of men having to pay the bill on a first date with a woman. I think that just as long as both of them are okay with...


Now I See Why Walking Away From a Relationship is Easier

You will hear the stigmas that no one in this current generation can keep a relationship or make a relationship last for a long time. I always, for long as I can remember, wanted to have a marriage and make it last...


4 Reasons Why Girls Should Want a Guy Who Still Lives With Parents

The negative stigma attached to men who still live at home is so ridiculously abundant, you would not want to if you were 18, much less between 25 and 35. But trust me, ladies, the pros of dating a guy who still lives at...


10 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

1. Be Yourself If you've lied about your interests, your religion, your political views, your love of a sports team you hate, and your regrettable drunken marriage in Vegas...and the guy you're trying to start a...


Like Attracts Like: Why "Birds of a Feather" for Dating Works

I just read a MyTake about guys who only want to marry virgins, and it inspired me to elaborate on the greater dynamic. Shout-out to @front2back for the inspiration. In short, I've noticed that some people's desires for a...


8 Enjoyable, Low-Stress Summer Date Ideas

1. Rowboating 2. Paintball 3. Watch a movie at your local park/drive-in movie 4. Play tourists for a day 5. Hiking 6. Water rafting 7. Picnic 8. Stargazing


Welcome to the Most Embarrassing Crush Story EVER

Background When I was in 8th grade I had a big crush on this guy. There were guys I "crushed" on or thought was cute, but with this guy I had an actual big crush on. We were seated together in one class and started...


The #1 Reason Women Lose Interest After Falling For You

You see her for the first time...she's gorgeous isn't she? She turns heads...Absolutely beautiful. You talk to her, get her attention. She's interested in you. You think that she is out of your league...So what do you...


Most Women Are Unable to Fall in Love With a Man

This is the sad truth. Most women are unable to fall in love. I make this claim based on what I've seen over many years. And what I've seen over many years is women leave men without having any emotion. Now I'm not saying...


Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

**Stop Acting So Cringe** Just lmao @ bitter guys who get butthurt after rejection. So much that they need to make themselves look even more butthurt by insulting them. Hey you're really pretty, let me take you out....


How Men Can Avoid The Friendzone For Good!

How do Men get into the Friend Zone? The Friend Zone is a pill that is usually hard to swallow by men of all ages. It is the quintessential sign that you are lacking confidence and or flirting skills. There are a ton of...


Dating As A Black Man, and Why it Remains Difficult

Honestly, it is hard to be black in America; it truly is. However, we will discuss all the many reasons why it is hard to be black in America in another discussion. In this discussion, I want to talk about black people in...


10 Romantic (Or Just Plain Fun!) Summer Ideas for Couples

Summer 2016 is finally here!!! Yes it's summer time and it's blazing hot! I'm in Los Angeles, California and the weather is crazzzzzy; the sun is beaming baby, and I'm loving it. I'm sooo ready to get turned up for the...


Why Girls Shouldn't Have Sex At A Young Age

Look. I get it. You're around 15/16/17 and you meet this "amazing" guy. He's so sweet and caring and he makes everything seem so good. But the truth is is that he almost always has ulterior motives for his kindness, even...


5 Reasons Why Mean Guys Will Never Finish Last

So the opposite of a nice guy is a mean guy AKA jerk. This myTake is an extended addition to 7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last. That myTake discussed why the stereotypical self-proclaimed "Nice guys" will...


The Reason Nice Guys Always Finish Last

Now the whole bashing and shaming of nice guys by women and men is basically a defense mechanism put in place by women (mainly feminists) so they can justify why they don't like nice guys. I mean we all hear women say...


11 Signs You’re Dating A Boy, Not A Man

1. He Can’t Fix Anything Maybe it’s an old gender role, but men are expected to be reasonably handy. He needs to know how to change a tire, mount a towel rack or at the very least, put together an IKEA bookshelf without...


Why Do We Go For The Wrong Types Of People?

To me it seems that many love songs are about the same type. Two types, actually. For guys, the type of girl they usually sing about typically has common characteristics: Uniqueness, strength, independence, reluctance to...


Why it's Important for Men to Flirt With Lots of Different Women

This will be a short myTake since I don't believe it needs to be strung out more than it should. I see many questions here from women saying "why can't guys go after just one woman?" Men have a lower success rate than...


The 5 Pros of Rejection, and Tomorrow's a New Day!

Hello everyone! Today I’m here to write a new MyTake, my second one, talking about something that we all fear: rejection. Everything that happens in our lives can be faced as bad or good, normally rejection is faced as...


The Fake Gold Standard of Your Favorite Girl

"I keep going on dates feeling like it might not go well and sometimes it goes average and occasionally it goes really bad. I'm starting to get paranoid because I'm not getting a lot of callbacks. Maybe i should just be a...


Boys Vs. Girls Mindset

Not Another Preachy My Take I was reading reviews of Tropic of Cancer before deciding whether I'd give it a read and noticed how women consistently hated it and men either loved it or just found it too heady to be...


It's Time to Play: Dump Her, Bro!

(This can also apply to gay guys too! So Dump him bro!) Men, I am talking to you! I am going to list a few reasons why you should Dump her bro, especially if you are in the early stages of dating. In your comments list...


5 Insanely Stupid Things Women Say About Nice Guys

1. Nice guys aren't really nice Duh! We're not talking about bad men who pretend to be nice guys, we're talking about genuine nice guys. Yes, even the genuine nice guys usually get rejected or cheated on. So again, we're...