How to make my crush feel special?

Hi there is this girl I have liked for 6 or seven months and I really want to spend time with her, and make her feel special. I would ask her to come over to my place and write some music, as we are both singers/ songwriters and play a lot of onstruments, except her dad has a brain tumour and can barely move, she hasn't yet chosen to talk to me about this ( I have known for a while ). She had always been a great friend to me and I want to be there for her when she needs someone to be. I don't want to ruin our friendship by making things awkward. Also we are both thirteen

Thanks, will try to do


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  • Compliment her, girls always love compliments. But try to make them specific to her. If she's going though a tough time then get her a small gift. Chocolate always works or if you know of a particular type of sweet that she likes then get her that - it will make her feel special that you remembered her preferences. Don't make a big thing of it, you don't need to.


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  • Buy her a single rose. Be sure it is the most perfect one. Serenade her with a romantic song she likes, since you are both musicians. Those things melted my heart at 13.

  • Aw! Open up to her & compliment her it will make her feel so happy! If a guy compliments me i get really happy it really does make my day, like just buy her some chocolates or even write her a song maybe :) good luck x


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