How to make my virgin boyfriend feel special?

My boyfriend of 4 months is still a virgin and he isn't ready yet for sex, we only went as far as to perform oral on each other.
I had 5 guys before him, 4 bfs and 1 guy who played me, i crushed on this guy and he used this to have sex with me while making promises to be exclusive.

My boyfriend knows about all of this and he puts a lot of effort into making me feel special and happy.

As far as now he didn't showed any signs of being jealous and insecure about my past. But i think he might dislike it that he wasn't my first. He is pretty confident but he puts very much value on sex and thats why he didn't had sex with anyone even if he had the chance to. So cause i am far from being a virgin i guess it bothers him.

So because he makes me feel incredibly special i want him to feel this way too. I want him to feel as my one and only and that all the guys before him dont matter to me and are nothing against him (which is true, he is 10000% husband material and god dammit is he good at oral sex now)

What is the best way to make him feel special?
I want him to never think about my past badly, i want him to feel like the absolute winner.

How to make my virgin boyfriend feel special?
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