Is he a player, why did he show interest and then bail?

So I was introduced to this guy, he seemed interested and I asked him out. He said he may not make the 1st date and cancelled at the last minute. We rescheduled and he cancelled again claiming he was tired. I was not happy at all. It's been a week and I haven't heard from him, tho he still wanted to take me out. When I texted him both times I never said "oh that's ok" as it wasn't, especially last minute. The rescheduled day I texted him an hour after because I was pretty upset. Is he a player? Is he saving me for day when he has nothing better to do? by the way I don't plan on answering his texts (I already deleted his number). Just wondering.


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  • he's a timewaster your well rid of him :)

  • Yeah, girl. Don't waste your time. No one has time for the games.