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Guys how would you react to getting a kiss on the cheek from a girl who likes you?

What would you do if a girl who likes you gives you a kiss on the cheek randomly? How would you react to it if you like her too? And how would you... Show More

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  • Aww.

    You know something, I don't thin he's going to do anything to hurt your feelings from just a kiss on the cheek. You should go for it. Kiss him. I'm sure he'd like it. If a girl gave me a kiss on the cheek even if I wasn't into her the same, I'd still very much appreciate the gesture. It's flattering y'know? Besides, something like this might start him on thinking about you a different way. He might start to like you a little more. Some guys are like this. If he already likes then all the better. Now he may ask what that was about, and if so you can choose to tell him, or you can just give him some generic excuse or maybe say something like "because you're sweet/cute" or whatever.

    I would also like to applaud you on asking this question. It's different. Normally I tell girls that just finding a moment to kiss a guy is the way to go, and follow up with giving a list of reasons why, but here you are, and you've already figured to go ahead and kiss him. I find it refreshing. I'm sheering you on. Rooting for you. I hope it all works out.

    Go kiss him.

    GO GO GO!

What Guys Said 7

  • I would be filled with very good feelings. :)

  • These are so sweet !

    Definately a classy icebreaker... with the suggestion of more :)

  • I'd look into her eyes and smile, then kiss her back.

  • its very assertive of you, but its definitly worth a shot if you get him alone some time soon. I know that it could be stressful thinking about it, but I just say go through with it, you have nothing to lose by taking a shot, right?

  • There's really no reaction here that all guys would agree on. If a girl I like kissed me on the cheek, I would probably kiss her on the lips & either talk about it or keep going. If a girl who I don't like kissed me, I would either leave or talk about it & consider if I like her. From what information you have given me, I say that you should go for it.

  • wait for him to say something and if he doesn't say anything indirectly tell him that you like him and see if he likes you or not. And for the kiss I think he is a little shy or he does not like you. I am not sure but only expressing your feelings will help you.

What Girls Said 2

  • You go girl :)There's no harm in kissing a guy on the cheek. I've done it and haven't gotten any bad reactions from it. Its cute, innocent and very flattering. So go for it! And good luck :D

  • this is exactly my problem! I actually did end up kissing him on the cheek, and it was amazing <3 it actually got him thinking about me more, and he texts me a lot more and talks to me on the phone. I'm so glad I did it. go for it!

    • Girl I'm in the same position as you ! Today I kiss my guy friend on the cheek after a hug an now he's talking to me more. I've read that kisses on the cheek make guys melt.

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