How do I know what his intentions are?

This guy recently asked me to hang out, and the first thing I thought was "he just wants to have sex with me" I'm wondering is this true, when a guy asks a woman to "hang out" is he really just sugar coating the fact that he is lazy and not willing to date or put in some work for her sex?

I mean its clear as day that he want t o have sex with me, but when he says "hang out" does he mean date or just.."hang out...And have sex"?

I'm asking because I'm the kind of girl who refuses to be some booty call, I'm a virgin and I refuse to have sex with anyone outside of a relationship.

I just want to know what I'm getting myself into, or if I want to get myself into anything with this guy.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm the same as you so I understand your concern. I refuse to be a booty call. It's even harder in college as booty calls seem to be the norm. However, it's all in the way he treats you. If you find that he doesn't talk to you very often outside of asking you to "come hang out." Then it could be a booty call. If most of your conversations find its way to sex, and you don't have good conversations outside of sex. Same thing. Also, if he never invites you to do something. Like take you to a movie, dinner, bowling, whatever. it's always to come watch a movie in his bedroom, then it's probably about sex. Guys understand that girls know what booty calls look like, and if they really like the girl and want to have something more, he won't risk giving you the wrong impression. He'll be asking you to go to lunch, trying to have good conversations with you and get to know you. Trust your instincts. If you feel like its all about sex, it probably is.