We don't see each other enough. It doesn't seem to bother him as much as it bothers me?

We see each other at least once a month. We only manage to spend about 3-4 hours together, the last date we only spent two hours together due to it being last minute. He is really laid back about things, I don't feel like it's making me lose interest in him or vice versa as we speak often.

I just really like spending time with him, I wish it was more often though. I occasionally ask when we are going out again and he tends to say ' I'll think of somewhere to go'. Then he gets back to me with a plan (he never really likes me to make plans for some reason). It bothers me but not sure if I'm in a position to say anything as we are only dating. I joke around and ask if I'm going to see him sometime this year and he says it hadn't been that long since I last saw him.

Any suggestions for what I do? I know the best thing to do is to communicate with him, I'm just not sure how to word it without it sounding like I'm desperate to see him or whatever.


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  • Just tell him you miss spending time with him and wish you could hang out more. There's no shame in being honest and it's not desperate. If you are dating then it's normal to want to see each other more regulerly as it's the vital phase where you are getting to know each other.

    Also word of advice.. if a guy really like you then chances of you doing something "desperate" or "needy" in his eyes are low. I've from experienced realized if a guy truly likes you he wouldn't be bothered about minor things like whether you sound needy. They only seem to get that way if they have doubts about the girl already.


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  • rest assured he's banging some pussy on the side or maybe you are the side chick


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  • Just straight up tell him that you like spending time with him and want to see him more often. If he takes that as needy, that means he was never into you in the first place. If he likes you, he'll put the effort into seeing you more.