My crush is a model?

So it turns out that this girl I have a crush on in school is actually a model in a contract with vogue. How should I deal with this when I want to be in a relationship? I don't want her to think that I'm shallow and that I like her because she is a model. My feelings go way beyond that. And I don't want to bring it up in conversation, because it has probably been mentioned 100 times before.


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  • Just act like you have no idea that she is a model. And when she does mention it, just be like "no way? You're kidding! Cool"


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  • I would act like i didn't know. If she brings it up i wouldn't act surprised. I'd just be like "thats cool".

  • My advice. Leave it alone and never look back.

    No female model is going to want someone that isn't wealthy (I'm assuming your not or ever will be. That can change.). If she becomes a successful model she'll dump you for some other rich dude.

    I say stay far from that if you can be easily broken.

    • She's 15. I'm 15.

    • Doesn't matter. She'll become a "women" eventually, may become a successful model and her interests will change.

  • More details please. How do you know her?

    • Friendly acquaintance.