If a guy says he's going to call you tomorrow and he doesn't, is he blowing you off?

I have this crush on this guy and he knows it. He always flirts back with me and knows that I'm looking to date him. He and I chatted two nights ago and he said call me tomorrow, I'm going to bed. So I said, no you call me tomorrow. He said whatever you want boss. And then I didn't hear from him at all yesterday and I haven't heard from him today either and it's already almost four pm. When a guy likes you does he try to get a hold of you? Or is he playing that "chase" game and he wants me to get a hold of him? Will I look desperate if I text him?

  • Vote A If a guy likes you, he will text/call you!
  • Vote B Call or text him, it will let him know you like him!
  • Vote C Sit back and wait for him to text/call you!
  • Vote D Screw him, move on!
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He did text & we did chat, but then he went right back 2 being distant. I keep having 2 push the issue so I decided that he isn't worth my time. I told him that he doesn't chase me enough so I'm out. His response was dam* pimp.
So I told him that he can hit me up when he's ready to chase me. Hopefully he does, but if not whatever... like I can't do better. haha. Thanks for all your great answers! :)


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  • Guys are usually pretty shy when they like a girl. They don't wana seem too eager.

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      Well I guess my "boldness" scared him off then . awww well many fish in the sea. thanks for your comment!

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      It is very hard to scare a guy off. Just be open with him! If he likes you he will tell you and if he doesn't, then well...He will say he doesn't.

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      And all this time I was making is WAY more complicated than it is. Thanks sweetie :)