If a guy says he's going to call you tomorrow and he doesn't, is he blowing you off?

I have this crush on this guy and he knows it. He always flirts back with me and knows that I'm looking to date him. He and I chatted two nights ago and he said call me tomorrow, I'm going to bed. So I said, no you call me tomorrow. He said whatever you want boss. And then I didn't hear from him at all yesterday and I haven't heard from him today either and it's already almost four pm. When a guy likes you does he try to get a hold of you? Or is he playing that "chase" game and he wants me to get a hold of him? Will I look desperate if I text him?

  • If a guy likes you, he will text/call you!
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  • Call or text him, it will let him know you like him!
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  • Sit back and wait for him to text/call you!
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  • Screw him, move on!
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He did text & we did chat, but then he went right back 2 being distant. I keep having 2 push the issue so I decided that he isn't worth my time. I told him that he doesn't chase me enough so I'm out. His response was dam* pimp.
So I told him that he can hit me up when he's ready to chase me. Hopefully he does, but if not whatever... like I can't do better. haha. Thanks for all your great answers! :)


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  • Guys are usually pretty shy when they like a girl. They don't wana seem too eager.

    • Well I guess my "boldness" scared him off then . awww well many fish in the sea. thanks for your comment!

    • It is very hard to scare a guy off. Just be open with him! If he likes you he will tell you and if he doesn't, then well...He will say he doesn't.

    • And all this time I was making is WAY more complicated than it is. Thanks sweetie :)

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  • The guy doesn't want to come off as being too eager. He's probably still not sure that you actually like.

    Also, in regards to your specific situation, the "no you call me" seems a little pushy. The way he responded to it would make me believe that he had not intention of calling you despite what you said--he doesn't want to be bossed around. I would just text him. It sounds like he's interested in you, but he doesn't want to be your bitch. Guys like it when girls initiate some of the communication too--I know I get really annoyed if I've been flirting (mutually) with a girl, but I always have to start the conversation. You initiate it for once, so that he knows you like him enough to. Girls like to have guys initiate it because they like that feeling of being wanted, etc.--Let him have that feeling this time.

  • sometimes a guy is just waiting it out a while just so that he doesn't appear to be "desperate". id just wait it out, if he doesn't call you then id call him on it in a sorta off handish kinda way.

    like "hey you ever gonna call me? or are you allergic to phone calls?",something stupid like that just to let him know that you want him to call you. if he never calls, then he might just not be interested.

  • no you can text or call just be casual see what he says like oh sorry about yesterday that kinda thing

  • He's not ready.

  • We know that if we call you too soon, and act too interested, you've got us. You're bored. NEXT. Hate to say it ladies, but you know you do it. Unfortunately, we feel like everything we do has to be carefully crafted to get or keep your interest. From feigning confidence even though we're intimidated, to exuding the alpha male/bad boy image, to playing stupid games to keep you interested.

    I, personally wish that we didn't have to play these games and just be ourselves, and you seem like that kind of person as well. The thing is, the rest of society doesn't seem to appreciate that point of view.

    • I feel you! A lot of women are afraid to show too much interest too, because we feel like by letting us know you have us you a) lose interest or b) take advantage of our interest to get laid while you seek out a better chase-worthy catch.

      If feels like there is a lot of fear and lack of trust in the dating world that is keeping people apart!

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  • Don't call/text him first! Let him do that. You don't want to seem too needy.

  • oh, but in your case (since I really wasn't directly answering the question), perhaps he is playing the chase? especially because he already knows you're into him.

    yup, I stick to guys are confusing.

    but it seems to me, and I could be totally wrong, that if he knows you like him and want to date him, then if he liked you back, he would've made it happen. instead he's stringing you along. he doesn't care if he calls you because he knows you'll still like him. you're... already "caught"? so he doesn't have to chase? perhaps, by not calling you, he's thinking oh maybe she'll even call me after all, and he feels in control? he sounds more like a flirt than anything.

    but I'm just going on the details given, sooo I could be wrong.

    also, this was posted yesterday I see, so lots could've happened since then!

    • I think you are on the total right track! I think he does think he "caught" me so I got mad and told him that I'm done and when he's ready to chase me then hit me up haha oh the irony. he just said dam*... alright pimp... how lame. I don't know what I was thinking chasing him. grrr. thanks for ur comment! :)

    • Np! I'm glad I helped then :)

      also, it sounds you took him quite by surprise! nice :p

    • Thanks :) he's probably like wtf just happened hahaha

  • i am confused here. people are saying wait it out because he doesn't want to appear too eager. Okay, that's fine, I get that. But why say you're going to call on a particular day, and then don't? I don't think that's a pretty intelligent thing on the guy's end, regardless if he's trying to play it cool or not. I would take that as a signal that, "hey, calling you isn't something I put on my priority list. I didn't feel like talking to you so I didn't. ultimately I am not interested. perhaps you'll get the hint this way?"

    unlesss you genuinely were busy and forgot. but you'd have to remember eventually, and if you like the person, I would think you'd at least text later to say, "hey sorry, I was caught up in some stuff. talk to you another time."

    if I don't like someone in that way, but I say I will call on that day, I will call. it's the polite thing to do, whether you';re interested or not. unless you really didn't want to reject the person, and then you wanted to give them subtle hints. but I would feel too mean.. so I would still call...

    i've known guys to play it cool and eventually call/text. but they never said they were gonna do it on a particular day and then blew it off. if they did that, I would assume disinterest automatically. you like someone -> you say you will do something -> you do it. or you do it because you're polite. but I don't see why you wouldn't do it, if you were interested?

    aaah maybe I'm just confusing myself here. you guys and playing it cool, it's frustrating!

    • I agree, if you say you're going to call then call... makes me feel unimportant if the person doesn't call. you made perfect sense! guess some people are different I don't know guys confuse me haha :)

  • If doesn't text wait a day text him just say hi after awhile of talking jokingly say f***er didn't call me when you said you would lol

  • You should wait it out... if he wants to call believe me he will. Until then just keep busy so you won't be itching to call him

  • if a guy likes you he's definitely going to contact you.

  • Don't get so into it time wise. It just looks like you are desperate. The guy that I like said he was going to call me one time but didn't. Sure it was disappointing, but just don't think he's blowing you off. I sent him a text saying hi and stuff like that, I didn't mention that call and it turned out that he meant to call but he was busy and said sorry a whole lot. ( if you really like him you should be able to trust him 2) I was find by that. Even if you like him, you need to realize that he is a person too and that fact that he said he will call means that he likes talking to you.

  • if he said he'll call you then let him call you. maybe he's busy, or entertaining another girl (he is single), or just didn't want to talk that day, or wanted to wait because he didn't wanna seem clingy, or whatever you don't know. so don't worry about why and just wait for him to do it. he said he will call you so why call him when you're expecting him to call? chill out you don't wanna look desperate