What makes a guy become a fuck boy or a bad boy?

Someone please tell me how a guy can become a fuck boy or a bad boy.


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  • That's what seems to work. Guys see these fuckboys and players being successful with lots of women and think "we clearly they're doing something right".

    I've seen a lot of girls have this mentality "If i meet a hot exciting guy who isn't relationship material, Ill have sex with him right away since I dont care if he respects me or if it turns into anything more. But if I meet a guy who IS relationship material, Ill make him wait for sex so he doesn't see me as easy"

    Guys are motivated by sex, so if girls reward the guys who aren't relationship material with easy sex, and make the guys who ARE relationship material wait for sex then the players/fuckboys have no motivation to change themselves. They are getting exactly what they want as is.

    Ironically girls will still often develop feelings for the guys the fuckboys/players even if they didn't initially intend to. Often times when a girl agrees to be fuckbuddies with on of these guys, she ends up secretly wishing that he would call her his girlfriend. So in a way fuckboys get everything the relationship guy gets. They get the girls body, her time, and her heart. Only difference is they get those things quickly and with less effort.

    So the guys who are conventionally more relationship material feel motivated to become fuckboys.

    • So why players and fuck boys have girlfriends?

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    • I don't wanna get into details but everyone says he's a fuckboy and he does have some signs but like me I always think everyone is a saint.

    • so you have a crush on him?


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  • Because it's bether that way since women make their own decisions now.

  • I suppose someone who gets around and only only uses girls for sex.

  • From a bad experience with a horrible female.

  • First of all, London is in England not Scotland.

    Secondly, it's mainly women who encourage bad behavior, since they just won't go with nice guys.


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