Why do guys online dating always want to chat on whatsapp?

Since I started online dating I've come across lots of guys and only a few seem to want to call and most prefer to chat on whatsapp. Am I missing something here. What is it with whatsapp, does this way of communication say a lot about the type of men on these dating sites?


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  • To get your number indirectly lol.


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  • It might just be the easiest way for them to stay in touch, especially if they don't have a great cell phone plan they can stay in touch easily on whatapp by using wifi. I have only done online dating, but usually you need to figure out whats the best way for both of you to stay in touch. I've only talked on the phone with some and only sometimes because texting for me is easier and its the same with the guy I'm seeing now. We are just so busy its easier to text, and I've been working nights, so he won't wake me up with a text.