Why do all the ugly guys like me, and the ones I like don't?

i am smart, loyal, pretty, caring, sensitive and people say to me I'm pretty. I just don't get it =/


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  • Are you making an effort to see the guys you like? Do you make an effort to talk with them, get to know them, flirt with them? If you don't, then that could be your main problem. If you really want to get a certain guy, then there's no excuse to just sit on your ass and expect him to be enamored with you.

    Attraction is important, there's no doubt about it. As such, I can't blame you for not wanting to be with the "ugly guys". However, I will also caution you about focusing too much on looks. Finding a decent looking guy with an awesome personality is much better than finding a super hottie with no interest in being a good boyfriend.

    Unfortunately, most guys at your age level aren't looking for a nice, committed relationship. They might be looking for sex because they're horny, looking for a girlfriend to say "Hey, I'm not a loser!", or are looking to score to become the Alpha Male. Hence, it's very important to look for guys who are interested in your personality more than your body.

    "People say to me I'm pretty"

    Do people say you're fun? Outgoing? The kind of person who they want to hang around with? "Smart" can be a mixed bag. I know girls who are very smart, but their intellect is either accompanied by a lack of common sense, extreme arrogance, or both.

    I don't know if any of these points affect you. These are merely some things to look for and for you to decide on.


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  • You do realize that your question is extremely shallow. Why do all the ugly guys like me? "i am smart, loyal, pretty, caring, sensitive and people say to me I'm pretty."

    Why would anyone like you is the question you should ask. Because just no one is good enough for you is that it?

  • See that guy v right there? That's the kind of guys young women settle for. And then they end up, later in life, choosing those "ugly guys". I seriously don't believe that you can come on here and tell everyone that only ugly guys come onto you, you're just being picky.

    If you actually took the time to get to know someone who you think is "alright" I guarantee they'll turn into "hot" mark my words.

    Goodluck with your issue ma'am.

  • there must be other details that you fail to realize and mention here, but my bet is that you come off as a different person.. that and if you're under 18 most people are in it just to have fun.. soon, I hope you learn that it's not always about looks.. instead make friends so that way you at least get to know people, not just judge them from looks.. I find that the people I've met, beautiful and "ugly", I either lose or gain more interest depending on personality.. just my opinion..

  • How do you define ugly...?

  • Probably because a hot guy might want more than just a pretty girl. He will want a nice girl too, a girl that is not superficial and cruel! And it sounds like you are superficial and cruel. Did you ever give one of these "ugly" guys a chance? If no then you are ugly too! And why would a atractive guy want to date your ugly ass?

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  • Ugly is a very harsh word. Just because someone doesn't appeal to you, doesn't mean that they're ugly. Never make such a judgment against someone else because you never know--someone could be thinking the same thing about you.

    Since you're under 18, I will say that at that age a guy's interest is changeable. Just because they don't express an interest in you now doesn't mean that they never will. Take some time to get to know them and try not to judge on how good someone looks. Attraction isn't everything. You can have very attractive men with crappy personalities and vice versa. Take your time getting to know someone to determine whether or not they are good relationship material. You can never determine something like that from looks alone.

    • I agree that she was wrong, but attraction is important. If you settle for someone who isn't what you really want, you will regret it, so no matter how stupid or shallow your expectations you must still stick to them, if not for yourself then to keep the other person from getting hurt.

    • I agree that physical attraction is important, but attraction is not always limited to a physical level. Mental attraction can be just as powerful.

  • Um I'm going to have to agree with about 99% of the answers on here...looks aren't everything, doll. And take some time to get to know those "ugly" men - they may turn out to be the best looking of even the "hottest" men you know. Holds true in my experience anyway. I think someone's personality can either make them the hottest man I know, or the "ugliest" but the point is, I took the time to find out who they are on the inside... Quit judging a book by it's cover...you don't want men "trophy" dating you, do you? There was a great quote in one of my favorite movies..."Judge a man by his heart, instead of his rear end. It's likely to do you more good."

  • At some point you will get past looks as being the deciding factor in liking a guy. Until then, all I can say is you are probably creating this problem for yourself by categorizing any guy who likes you as not that desirable and just looking at the guys who show you no interest.

  • Sorry everyone isn't up to your high physical standards. Sorry, ugly people, better get a paper bag, and don't even dare to like her after this!

    Haha, no, but seriously.

  • you are NOT a smart, loyal, pretty, caring, sensitive person. you are a shallow bitch who will not give a guy a chance based soley on his looks. maybe the reason guys don't like you is because they sense you digusting vainity (I think that's a word).

    • So true

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    • She asked for an opinion, and she got an honest one.

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