Why do all the ugly guys like me, and the ones I like don't?

i am smart, loyal, pretty, caring, sensitive and people say to me I'm pretty. I just don't get it =/


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  • Are you making an effort to see the guys you like? Do you make an effort to talk with them, get to know them, flirt with them? If you don't, then that could be your main problem. If you really want to get a certain guy, then there's no excuse to just sit on your ass and expect him to be enamored with you.

    Attraction is important, there's no doubt about it. As such, I can't blame you for not wanting to be with the "ugly guys". However, I will also caution you about focusing too much on looks. Finding a decent looking guy with an awesome personality is much better than finding a super hottie with no interest in being a good boyfriend.

    Unfortunately, most guys at your age level aren't looking for a nice, committed relationship. They might be looking for sex because they're horny, looking for a girlfriend to say "Hey, I'm not a loser!", or are looking to score to become the Alpha Male. Hence, it's very important to look for guys who are interested in your personality more than your body.

    "People say to me I'm pretty"

    Do people say you're fun? Outgoing? The kind of person who they want to hang around with? "Smart" can be a mixed bag. I know girls who are very smart, but their intellect is either accompanied by a lack of common sense, extreme arrogance, or both.

    I don't know if any of these points affect you. These are merely some things to look for and for you to decide on.


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  • You do realize that your question is extremely shallow. Why do all the ugly guys like me? "i am smart, loyal, pretty, caring, sensitive and people say to me I'm pretty."

    Why would anyone like you is the question you should ask. Because just no one is good enough for you is that it?

  • See that guy v right there? That's the kind of guys young women settle for. And then they end up, later in life, choosing those "ugly guys". I seriously don't believe that you can come on here and tell everyone that only ugly guys come onto you, you're just being picky.

    If you actually took the time to get to know someone who you think is "alright" I guarantee they'll turn into "hot" mark my words.

    Goodluck with your issue ma'am.

  • there must be other details that you fail to realize and mention here, but my bet is that you come off as a different person.. that and if you're under 18 most people are in it just to have fun.. soon, I hope you learn that it's not always about looks.. instead make friends so that way you at least get to know people, not just judge them from looks.. I find that the people I've met, beautiful and "ugly", I either lose or gain more interest depending on personality.. just my opinion..

  • How do you define ugly...?

  • Probably because a hot guy might want more than just a pretty girl. He will want a nice girl too, a girl that is not superficial and cruel! And it sounds like you are superficial and cruel. Did you ever give one of these "ugly" guys a chance? If no then you are ugly too! And why would a atractive guy want to date your ugly ass?

  • Maybe the guys you like think you're boring, and the ugly guys think you're the best they can get.

  • Don't worry about it. I'm sure no ugly guys like you anymore after that.

  • Hahaha, an under 18 year old asking this deserves what she gets.

    Look Hun, you will learn, probably about 5 to 10 years after you graduate from high school, that those ugly guys grow into their awkward ears, their half beards turn into dashing 5 O'Clock shadows, their pimply jawlines because the jawlines of a champion... oh, and a large portion of them will have fantastic jobs. The same things will happen to the pudgy girl in your gym class and the chick with the braces and curly pig tails. People change, live your life now and quit worrying about dating, you are young. Find someone you enjoy hanging out with because they like the same stuff as you, not because they are the big man on campus.

  • Your question is extremely shallow and you are still very young and have much growing up to do and will realize or at least you should realize after you have grown up and matured its not all about the superficial shallow outside...then again like most you may not realize that- I feel sorry for you of you don't.

    There is much more to a person than the outside. Sure an attraction is nice but for everyone however some people like myself actually believe in much more like a personality, how they are as a person and how she treats others. If she has no personality or a boring one I so could not be interested in her. And believe it or not ones personality can make you more attracted to someone at least for me because I know there are some traits and qualities that if a woman has it will make her more attracted to me and move past the physical outside- that physical is only initial for me and will diminish over time that's a fact.

  • well probley because like you said your "pretty" anyone will want you but there standerds won't let them be with you

  • Why do all the ugly girls like me, while all the pretty ones seem to ignore me?

  • Bitchhhh*fade into background noise*

    Maybe you should look past peoples looks and not be so stuck up

  • Based upon what you wrote you sound ugly in the inside... just food for thought

    also "ugly" guys get less attention therefore if you take one I bet they will make you very happy

  • Your just going through and ugly streak...don't worry it happens to the best of us.

    Guess what kind of streak I'm going through...a fat/obese streak, where all the fat/obese girls like me, but all the attractive ones ignore me :(

    Your young yet...which is why the people act this way. They are immature and they don't know what they want. Chances are if your very pretty and smart...most guys your age will not be interested.

    This is because they are into the girls who will put out and have sex with them. You have good self confidence and high self esteem, so most guys that you may be physically attracted get scared off.

    It's not your problem...It's THEIR problem. Immaturity just creates more problems, so you are better off staying out of it anyway.

    Trust me, as you get older and go to college, you will meet people who are just like you.

    High School is like a bubble...people are stuck in groups, cliques and other crap.

  • OMG how shallow are you, maybe these "ugly" guys have great personalities you sound like the girls who I tried to date back in hs and wouldn't because I was "average" well you know what , you get what you give, so don't expect that many dates except with similarly shallow idiots who will leave you after a week or 2

  • hahahahaha when I read this I laughed. It would help if you said who said your pretty.(if its family friends or parents there's a huge chance your ugly...thats why these guys think they have a shot)

    • yea I look girl my selfs and some just look out of reach for me .I mean I don't have cash or a car the the hot girls are way too picky.

  • Its called life. Deal with it.

    You are also lucky to have even the ugly guys like you. Many don't even have that.

  • LOL

  • and I thought girls go for personality over looks, guess I was wrong

    • You couldn't be more wrong dude, I can't tell you how many times I have come across some shallow superficial materialistic girls who cares more what's on the outside than my personality or getting to know me. I have found they have these long shallow unrealistic did I mention LONG lists and yet they themselves aren't anything to jump head over heels for its really quite sad and yet they wonder why they are single.

    • Hmmm

  • im ugly and you hurt my feelings... -_-

  • Because the "Hawt" guys are just as shallow as you are for even "hotter" girls :)

    Hope this answered your question mate.

  • maybe you should lower the bar on ugly.

  • Maybe you don't know what everybody's thinking. Maybe some of the people that say they like you, don't, and people who don't like you, actually do. You never know... ;D... ;D... ;D

  • right me back sweetie, you sound gorgeous :)

  • well dthat is life and all you can do is follow it but sh*t if you really are howyou described yoself them write me back

  • Far out - from your post you sound:

    a) superficial (you talk about ugly guys)

    b) insecure (you mentioned being pretty twice)

    c) stuck up (the list of your qualities)

    • Im gonna have to agree with this one...

    • I would say her quality of being sensitive is not accurate. But she is young and could use coaching on a better way of saying what she is thinking. I don't think she is superficial, she is just in the age group where looks are about the only thing anyone is working off of. It's not like young guys are just looking for the nice, intelligent, thoughtful girls and could care less how they look. We all have physical qualities that we are attracted to.

    • I agree with Tamikaze on this, she is young and at that age I wondered the same things... everyone needs to loosen up an give her a break, its just human nature and she will learn in time

  • cause your all of those things


    most guys want the dumb blonde super model. how looks good in tight clothing maybe you just need to date a ugly guy

    and see if you really want to date the hulk of a guy with more love for his money and sports..

    • She needs to find someone just as shallow as she is then she will be unhappy when she realizes he just cares about her outside

  • I hate people like you. Give those "ugly" guys a chance, they deserve it.

    • Hey! Going out with someone your not attracted to at all is pointless, and you end up hurting the other person. Girls shouldn?t be expected to date people they don?t like, when guys aren?t! I want to be with someone I actually like, no offense man.

  • I feel the same way but with girls

  • First off, the way you phrased your question could be taken the wrong way and end up earning a lot of bad comments/answers to your question, I'd suggest updating it to clarify you're not meaning to offend (something along those lines) that is of course if you genuinely mena it.

    Second, it could be a number of reasons they aren't going for you, are they with someone, are they out of your league, do they know you're interested in them, do you give signals, and are you presenting yourself as a womanly beacon of attraction?

    Those could all be reasons to why you're not getting the "right kind" of guys after you. Hope this helps and good luck.

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  • Ugly is a very harsh word. Just because someone doesn't appeal to you, doesn't mean that they're ugly. Never make such a judgment against someone else because you never know--someone could be thinking the same thing about you.

    Since you're under 18, I will say that at that age a guy's interest is changeable. Just because they don't express an interest in you now doesn't mean that they never will. Take some time to get to know them and try not to judge on how good someone looks. Attraction isn't everything. You can have very attractive men with crappy personalities and vice versa. Take your time getting to know someone to determine whether or not they are good relationship material. You can never determine something like that from looks alone.

    • I agree that she was wrong, but attraction is important. If you settle for someone who isn't what you really want, you will regret it, so no matter how stupid or shallow your expectations you must still stick to them, if not for yourself then to keep the other person from getting hurt.

    • I agree that physical attraction is important, but attraction is not always limited to a physical level. Mental attraction can be just as powerful.

  • Um I'm going to have to agree with about 99% of the answers on here...looks aren't everything, doll. And take some time to get to know those "ugly" men - they may turn out to be the best looking of even the "hottest" men you know. Holds true in my experience anyway. I think someone's personality can either make them the hottest man I know, or the "ugliest" but the point is, I took the time to find out who they are on the inside... Quit judging a book by it's cover...you don't want men "trophy" dating you, do you? There was a great quote in one of my favorite movies..."Judge a man by his heart, instead of his rear end. It's likely to do you more good."

  • At some point you will get past looks as being the deciding factor in liking a guy. Until then, all I can say is you are probably creating this problem for yourself by categorizing any guy who likes you as not that desirable and just looking at the guys who show you no interest.

  • Sorry everyone isn't up to your high physical standards. Sorry, ugly people, better get a paper bag, and don't even dare to like her after this!

    Haha, no, but seriously.

  • you are NOT a smart, loyal, pretty, caring, sensitive person. you are a shallow bitch who will not give a guy a chance based soley on his looks. maybe the reason guys don't like you is because they sense you digusting vainity (I think that's a word).

    • So true

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    • She asked for an opinion, and she got an honest one.

  • Just your taste in men, try seeing if you can alternate between a decent looking guy, and good personality. Look at their personality as well.

  • same thing here that seems to happen to me it suckssss

  • It's hard to know how people really feel and sometimes the more you want something, the futher away it seems. If you were to be yourself with guys that ur interested in then maybe you would find someone that you wouldn't think you would normally go for? Try building a friendship with them before anything else..

  • I use to think the same!

    Not that I'm saying that I'm the prettiest girl in school or anything...

    People always ask me if I have a boyfriend or what not..

    but it always seem like only ugly guys like me!

    but you should know, that ugly guys are nicer, smarter, and more caring.

    i'm not saying you should date them...

    I'm just saying that you are viewed as a beautiful/kind girl instead of a bitchy/slutty girl.

    trust me, when the time comes, a guy of your style will come.

    you wouldn't want a cute guy that's shallow to take an advantage of you,...do you?

    enjoy it, and just wait. you'll meet some one cute and smart!

  • First make sure that those guys that you say you want really have the qualities you admire. Then check to see what they look for in a girl. Maybe it's not the things you would expect.Maybe the guys you think of as ugly are better able to recognise good qualities because they have different values.

  • IDK why everyone here attacked you but i;ll be the nice one haha

    Yeah..its normal for us to look for handsome men and good character..I MEAN COME ON..

    Guys also check the looks first..so no one has the right to comment you badly..

    Idk why it happens...but it does lol...same 2 me

    Its until you stop looking 4 it...and it comes by itself

  • because that is your mind set right now.. if you want to get the good looking guys then you have to think that no matter what you are going to get the good looking guys.. when you start having confidence in yourself everyone else will see it also

  • I kind of have the same thing going with me...I think with the guys I'm not attracted to, I act different/don't care and therefore come off more appealing...with the guys I do like and find attractive, I come off as a bumbling idiot because I want to make things right and not mess up...it's true. People here are saying you're shallow but I think you just mean that the guys that like you are not your type/you're not attracted to them. And even though people on here are pretending to be deeper than that, they're doing the same exact thing.

    So, kudos to your honesty.

    But, I think you mean who you are attracted to and not that the guys are ugly, right? Haha.

  • You might have the problem where you want what you can't have.

    • Oh ya girls just always go for less atractive men! lol They don't even give us a f***ing chance so get real!

  • I love how all the men on here are ganging up on a girl who's under 18 because her comment is "shallow" yet men are the definition of shallow. Women never judge men on their looks like men do to women so SHUT UP AND ANSWER THE QUESTION, Geesh!

  • Maybe your not as pretty as you thought you were. LOL

  • Hey girl I got an answer :)... maybe your ass ugly so people feel the need to tell you how pretty you are so you shouldn't feel bad. And those "ugly" guys are actually a step above you... ya know give it a thought

    later bitch

  • Girl! Inknow exactly how you feel! But it isn't all about looks!

  • Lol this is so crazy I just posted a question very similar to this one! Like almost exactly the same...Girl I have a feeling it's just a sad curse that we're gonna have until we find "the one" and maybe we're both too young for that to happen :]

  • You might not be hot. That doesn't mean you are ugly, but hot guys usually go for hot girls. If you are cute or pretty you might not appeal to the guys you are interested in. Just something to think about.

    What kind of guys do you like? And look at the kinds of girls the guys you like fancy. If there is a difference that's probably it.

  • Hey girl, I'm gonna be the oddball here and say I have the same problem as you. Ugh.

  • well then you probably ain't pretty then and you need to get over yourself be4 you find a great guy with a personality but you say is"ugly" and then someone steals him away from you and your left there to die old like a gold fish

  • Lols! I'm sorry, but saying that all the ugly guys like you doesn't exactly strike me as sensitive. That's kind of mean.