I met a guy online....I think I love him...is that even possible?

I been talking with with a guy I met online, I been talking to him for two months a few days ago he told me he loved me...I hesitated I didn't believe him at all...truth is I love him too, we have lots of things in common birth month, zodiac ,music ,movies ,ideas ,beliefs,hobbies etc...the only thing that keeps us apart is our families who do not agree with meeting someone online and falling in love and distance...he says he wants to make this work and I want to make it work too...what should I do?


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  • The old addage goes 'If it's meant to be, it'll work itself out.' If you have such strong feelings for him, you need to find a way to meet each other. Mind you, since this is online dating, there's a few more precautions you should take.

    But overall, if you have these kinds of feelings for a person, online or not, then you should try to meet in person and see where things go. And the fact that he told you he loved you first could be good or bad. Either way, arrange a way for you and him to meet in person as soon as possible. Can't have an online marriage. :P


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  • There is always some risk in this because the truth is you never know. Your families may be right about exercising caution.

    Have the two of you met yet or at least webcammed? Can you meet each other's families by webcam? This may be a way to get started to make sure everyone is comfortable.

    • Yeah..we web-cam almost every night and he is interested in in meeting my family and he wants me to meet his, we talk in the phone and text almost everyday...

    • Suggest you introduce him to mom and dad by webcam to start.

  • Agree with theliteraryfeline. You like him now, love, I doubt. You must really be around someone to decide how you feel about them. They could be rude in public, don't pay for dates, be too inverted, ect ect.. Reasons you can see only in person.

  • Zodiac is a great thing to base a relationship on.

    • I hardly believe in that...but somethings are just too accurate to ignore...

    • You'd be surprised how many who do.

  • I think this is becoming more common..


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  • Oh boy.

    OK, you have been talking to this guy for only 2 months--ONLINE. It does not sound like you have met him in person. Surely you realize he can say anything online, true or false. Please keep that in mind.

    I can understand your families concern about meeting someone online...I think I would make plans to meet him, BUT I would make it in a public place, and bring a friend along. That would prob. make your familiy feel better about it. And, believe me, if he is honest he will not mind. He would have nothing to hide. Also, if he loves you, then he should be glad you are considering your own safety.

    You mentioned distance...if he is in another state, maybe a road trip with a group of your friends? Long distance relationships can be hard. If you want to see if you really can love him, you MUST meet him first. And please give yourself time to really get to know him--in person--before you make any major decisions.

    Best of luck