Guys, would you ever date a silly girl?

Being my complete self just happens to be silly and fun, and I don't care what anybody thinks. Like I said, I'm very silly, playful, and I love having a good time. I like doing weird but fun things in public places... like play 'James Bond' in the middle of Home Depot or even bust out dancing to a song I hear... ha ha things like that. I crack jokes no matter when or where and I have a lot of people in my life that say that I'm hilarious and awesome to hang out with but would you guys ever date a silly kind of girl? Or would you just consider her as just a friend? I'm almost afraid that I'll never find anyone that would date a girl like me cause I'm not afraid to do or say crazy things in public and I don't think twice about what people may think.


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  • honestly, I don't think so. it'd bug me quite a bit, but then again I'm the down to earth serious type of guy.

  • I dated a crazy girl before and she was tons of fun. She understood though that I was not as "crazy" in that same way as she was... so she was able to understand that I didn't always want things to be crazy.


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