Why is he distant over text?

I have been hanging out with this guy for 3 weeks now and everything is going well.. I think. Every time that we hang out the conversation just flows. It is so easy to talk to him and it's never a one sided conversation. He texts me first all the time. We will have sent 2 messages back and forth and his responses get really short. Do you think he just doesn't like having a conversation over text? (By the way, he is not much a phone person in general). I feel like if I keep the conversation going, I am just bugging him.. even though he initiated it.


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  • omg I was just about to ask the same question! hehe I'm going through the same thing. Except he always initiated in the beginning. Now I'm initiating most of the time. Also I call him and he's busy and then when he calls me I'm busy. We play phone tag, and it never ends..It bugs me cause we only see each other once a wk..and I wonder if he's really just with me or with someone else. Everything seems great when we are together. We have chemistry, fun being together. I don't know I'm giving up initiating..I feel like he's not as interested in me anymore..Goodluck!


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  • woooow crazy enough I have the same situation haha...iv known this guy for 3 weeks too and he's acting the EXACT same way...i don't know girrl, its bothering me too..i know exactly how your feeling that his short responces seems like he doesn't really want to keep the convo going right? but since HE keeps texting your first, that means that your on his mind so he misses you and he does want to talk to you...chances are he probably doesn't know that his short responces are effecting you and making you assume things right? and I know how frustrating it is...maybe try calling him and talking to him on the phone instead of text messaging!

  • This same thing happens to me, I don't know what I should do? When you get an answer PLZ tell me because I going through the same thing.

    Help a sister out!

    Thanks :)