What exactly does it mean for a girl to be "stuck up"? would you date a girl like this?

people seem to throw this around casually. sometimes it even seems like women who are confident and know what they want are perceived to be stuck up. I generally have no problems dating guys or getting attention but all the guys I've ever dated were part of my world if that makes sense - preps... Show More

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  • Well, I think you sound a bit stuck-up with how you use the label "prep" or "preppy".

    By saying "he's definitely not preppy" you might as well be saying, "he's definitely not part of my caste".

    It's silly and immature to be using labels such as prep/jock/nerd/etc at your age for pity's sake anyway.

    To put people under labels is a toxic thing to do because in a way it denies the very notion that people can be unique individuals. What kind of a person describes people as a "new breed"?

    So here's how I see the situation with this guy:

    You two had some mutual attraction.

    Had some disagreements and made out a couple times.

    During which time there was a party and some time around then, he loses interest in you because he doesn't like arguing with you.

    You get mad because he loses interest.

    You demand to know what the deal is with him through nagging. (You shouldn't nag a man, it's disrespectful)

    He got mad because you nagged him. He told you he didn't want to date someone who is a stuck up b*tch. From what you've written, I have come to deduce that you are a modern-day version of a classist.

    Then you nag him and insult him more all the while declaring your "class" status ("he doesn't want to date the PREPPY girl") which to any mature adult is laughable.

    So my dear, I'm sorry to say, you are a bit of a princess.

    My overall advice:

    Learn to listen to people's life stories and stop using labels.