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What Does It Mean When a Guy Invites You To Hang With His Friends?

If a guy invites a girl to hang out with his guy friends, does that mean he only sees her as one of the guys? Is it like a pre-date or what? I am... Show More

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  • No , DO NOT drop this guy into the friend zone. He's asked you to hang-out with a couple of friends just so he can get to know you a bit better before he actually ask you on a date OR he's going to do it there when you two are alone. Don't always overthink things that boys do and definitely don't drop them into the friend-zone because if you're confused about what he means, then he's into you. if he wasn't, trust me it would be the most obvious thing in the world and you wouldn't need some sort of book to crack the "man-code" and figure it out. How does he behave when he's around you. Is it somehow different with other girls?

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  • Maybe he feels he needs to be more comfortable with you before he can just ask you out. being with his friends probably makes him feel more comfortable. Give it some time and if he has not done the 1 on 1 thing then friend him. Also how well you get along with his friends has a big impact on wether you a are girlfriend material or not.

  • Maybe he liked you enough to introduce you to them? I only introduce girls I like a lot to my friends because I'm comfortable with them already. Don't put him into the friend zone. He does not see you as a guy if he does this.

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  • My boyfriend does that, but I think it's so that he can be around his friends and with me at the same time. He loves hanging out with the guys and does everyday. Sometimes we get to hang out alone but a lot of times his friends are there. It doesn't bug me, because I am glad that he lets me hang out with them rather than not at all. And we all seem to get along well so far.

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