He said he regrets kissing me

I kissed this guy and he then told our mutual friend he regretted it. He said it was nothing personal, just that he didn't enjoy what we did. He said he also regrets it because of how awkward it has made things. As far as he knows I don't know what he said to our friend. We were both sober when it happened. We just ignore each other now and he never looks at me as well

Do you think it is personal? Does he not like me at all? I'm worried he thinks I'm ugly or horrible or something. Its worse cause I like him so I feel like he doesn't like me at all. Do you think he doesn't?


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  • its very hard for guys to be emotional..but when we do get emotional it controls our every move our attuide..we act funny always..if I was you since your the comfortable one you should ask him do I make you feel funny...cause the reason he's not talking and looking at you because whatever is inside will show all over his face..guys are never suppose to be so emotional we are more physicial..like example if I ever flirt with a girl I wouldn't do it in public I'm still kinda scared because the worst thing that can happen is being picked on for being soft and that's like rage pointed at the one saying stuff..we try to avoid getting angry...cause we guys talk we talk about trophies and conquest over women...some guys talk about girls they like only! if its a close guy friend..long story short just ask how he feels you know..and that's a little inside secret of a shy guy.hope I helped


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  • Sometimes we do things without thinking of the consequences..this is someone who can think. There are a lot of people who can't or won't.

    No it's not personal, it just leads to gossip and the awkward feelings that resulted.!


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  • It can be uncomfortable to find out that a person is way more into you than vice versa...

    • he knows I'm not into him.