What does a kiss on the forehead mean to you?

On a romantic level what does a kiss on the forehead mean to you?

Would you be serious about a man/woman you did this to, would this be something you would do before or after something...*something* lol, what does it exactly mean to you..

I asked this because me and this guy I'm dating were making out one night, and in between time we watched movies, he would pause the movie and we would do a recap on a scene we just watched...anyway he talks about this cartoon called "Voltron" and he just talked about his childhood, as I would talk about mine...

He made one sexual advance and that was simply touching the bare skin on my back but reached back and took his hand into mine. He asked how I felt about him, he had to be to work early that very morning but he just held me as we talked he knew he wasn't getting any so...but yeah he pulled me close to his chest leaned in, kissed me on my forehead, let his lips stay there for awhile and let out a little sigh (yes I liked it, lol)...

Just wondering what's most people's take on a forehead kiss


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  • It shows he way more into you then just for sex. The kiss on the forehead was purely an emotional expression. It sounds like you have a good one here. Especially since he knows you're willing to do more.

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      Thank you.

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