If a girl you like tells you about a bad date, is that a sign?

This girl I've been messaging told me about a really bad date (the guy was only looking to get laid) she went on before we started messaging. Is, that any kind of sign, or am I reading too much into it?


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  • This is a good question.

    It depends on the larger context of your relationship with her. If she's just telling you about random people she's seeing, which dates went bad, etc. then you are either in some sort of friend zone OR she is trying to see if you'll get jealous when she mentions other guys. Which one is it? It depends on the direction your texts are taking. Maybe she's trying to point out that she prefers to spend time with you than to go out with a guy like X (who she mentioned to you). Maybe she is listing the undesirable traits that made the experience a bad date (hints to you). Then again, maybe she's just whining about a bad date to you the way she would whine about a bad date to a girlfriend...

    • Thanks for the comprehensive answer! Would you mind messaging me for detail?

    • (I just tried. You have to "friend" each other on GAG first., then wait. for the people to "friend" each other.)

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  • It means you are a friend to her and she's telling you this because she wants to rant a bit. If I wanted to date a guy I'm not gonna tell him I've been on a bad date


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  • You're reading too much. She just trust you with these kind of personal talks.

  • I think you're probably friend-zoned.

    If she wanted to make you jealous, she'd tell you about good dates.