How do you guys feel about neck kisses? teen guys opinion?

Do guys like neck kisses?
Do guys like giving neck kisses? Why do guys like neck kisses?
At what point in the relationship should they give/receive neck kisses? 15yr old


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  • I like receiving them, and my gf has told me before that it is one of her biggest turn ons.

    • How do you go up to her and kiss her neck without seeming rally weird

    • If we're laying down, I'd start by kissing her on the lips/making out a bit and then move over to the neck after a bit. Or sometimes if she's standing somewhere, I'll just come up from behind, wrap my arms around her and plant one on her neck.

    • And if we're in public, I might whisper something dirty into her ear before kissing her when I come up from behind.


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What Guys Said 2

  • yes I like kissing my gf on the neck she loves it


What Girls Said 2

  • My guy loves getting neck kisses and I love getting them from him. I think all guys love them, they can be sweet and romantic, sexy and passionate, and a huge turn on for a lot of people. I would say hold off on giving them until you've reached the point of making out/French kissing, or whenever you both know you're okay with them. :)

  • neck kisses are the fav. I love it when my bf neck kisses me.

    • How does he give them to you? Like are you making out then he slides to your neck? Or does he come up from behind and give you kis

    • If I'm doing something like cooking he'll come up from behind and hug me and give me neck kisses. But he'll give them a lot in sex too.