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Why does my boyfriend not want me talking to any other guy but him and my family?

Why does my boyfriend not want me talking to any other guy but him and my family?

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  • I have the exact same problem, but don't worry you'll get over it cause it's kind of fun. But the most important thing is that you should dump him & find someone else! Cause you need a guy that would let you hang out with guy friends & your girlfriends! Cause if a guy would never talk to any guy, you should never listen to him or if he abused you then report him, cause he doesn't control you or own you. You should do what is right for your self! You should be a person that would like to hang out with her friends and family! You should always be a good person with an open heart!

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  • Sounds like he is extremely possessing and controlling. And jealous and insecure, too!

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  • It's his insecurity and being possessive, he wants you to himself and some people think it's cute if they are like that coz they say that's how much their boyfriend loves them etc. but it's really not the case, it can get very scary and very dangerous too. my honest opinion, I'd dump him now. things will only get worse

  • Because he's an insecure, controlling jerk. Dump him or you will lose your own identity.

    • he loves you a lot , he cares for you and what hell you want from other guys ? . if you really love him why can't you leave your other friends for him ,these all who are commenting dump him are dumb asses , what a boy friend is an use and through thing or what? first try 2 understand him , why is he possesive towards you ?, after watching all diz comments of diz girls like Dump him and all now in my mind there is no value for girls , they are not girls they are bitches who ill use guys and dump.

  • jealous and insecure!

  • I agree with Marissa. He's insecure. Find out why he's insecure (did an old girlfriend cheat on him? Are his parents divorced?) If he has a good reason, give him some time to lighten up. If he doesn't have a good reason, DUMP HIM.

    Just think - if you revolve your life around him and lose all of your friends, what will you do if he ever breaks your heart? Who will you run to then?

  • you are definitely right about that. I recently got out of my relationship with him. He try to marry me but it was only going to be a trap so I got out of it while I could. Thanks for the feedback.

  • I understand what you are going though because I'm going tough the same thing. My boyfriend has an insecure problem as while. His trying to convince me that my mom is trying to slow my life down. Now mind you my mother helps my a lot. He doesn't has a close relationship with his family so he want me to feel that my family is the same way (but their not). The insecurity is only going to get worst so girl get out of it while you can.

  • Sounds to me that your boyfriend sort of has a "controlling" thing. Which a lot of guys do. If he truly trusts you (which is was a relationship is all about) then he should learn how to relax that rule a little. There's nothing wrong with caring about your girlfriend and not wanting another guy trying to sweep you off your feet but he needs to learn to relax a little. Otherwise girls won't know how to trust him if he doesn't trust them. Good luck with that

  • He is possessive and like the other girls have said insecure, and that is not a healthy relationship for you so you should dump him.

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