When a girl calls a guy sweet does that mean he is in the friend zone?

So this girl I have been running with sent me a text after a party that she invited me to that said, " you are just the sweetest guy ever, thanks for coming." Does this mean that I am in the friend zone and have no chance of asking her out on a date? If I am in a friend zone is there a way out?

The reason I question if I am in the friend zone is because she is a very friendly person, not so much a flirt, just friendly towards everyone. she likes to have guy friends more than female friends two of which I do have trouble distinguishing between.
We have also been running together every other day for a week to train for a marathon and she has practically told me her life story, which seems to be her personality too, but to me you just do that with friends/someone you are close to hence confusion
Also on that running her friend has joined us 3 out of the 4 times cause she is running too. This also makes me feel like I am in the friend zone. O and we have only known each other for 3 weeks now.


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  • Not necessarily. Some girls are malicious and sadistic, though.