When a girl calls a guy sweet does that mean he is in the friend zone?

So this girl I have been running with sent me a text after a party that she invited me to that said, " you are just the sweetest guy ever, thanks for coming." Does this mean that I am in the friend zone and have no chance of asking her out on a date? If I am in a friend zone is there a way out?

The reason I question if I am in the friend zone is because she is a very friendly person, not so much a flirt, just friendly towards everyone. she likes to have guy friends more than female friends two of which I do have trouble distinguishing between.
We have also been running together every other day for a week to train for a marathon and she has practically told me her life story, which seems to be her personality too, but to me you just do that with friends/someone you are close to hence confusion
Also on that running her friend has joined us 3 out of the 4 times cause she is running too. This also makes me feel like I am in the friend zone. O and we have only known each other for 3 weeks now.


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  • Not necessarily. Some girls are malicious and sadistic, though.

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  • if its been 3 weeks then even if she sees you as a friend you could get out and save yourself.

    but to me the sweetest guy could mean either way, either she is flirting with you in her own way, if she's a shy girl. or perhaps she means you re sweet friend. but if I don't know the guy that much I would probably flirt like that just incase to be in the safe zone incase he doesn't like me back.

    Why don't you try throwing a compliment... tell her she looks cute today or something.

    or better yet ask her out, be direct! don't waste time worrying if you re in the friend zone or not, cause you will end up there if you don't make a move fast!

  • you may be in the friend zone but it depends on the girl If it were me saying that to you, you would not be in the only friend zone you would be my friend zone but not necessarily stuck there.

    does she usually say things like that with all her friends or just you? this is the main question to ask yourself

  • i think you are friends zone if always you're there for her to cry and take care of her but you don't get the flirting back. if she doesn't flirt with you, likely she doesn't like you or she isn't attracted or she's the shy type.

  • Well is that her personality to say that sort of thing to all her guy friends? In my case I think sweet to be a flirtacious compliment. I guess I always associate sweet with sweetheart, which usually when used in a sincere manner, isn't something you call a lot of people. I never tell a guy he is sweet unless I have some feelings for him. I'd say if you feel like you are in the friend zone, subtly send her some flirtacious signals (not too subtle to the point that she won't notice), and feel it out. Usually you can get a gut instinct as to whether someone is feeling you and being a little friendlier than necessary.

    • See comment above

    • Hmmm that kind of changes things. I wouldn't associate precious with someone I liked. It seems like the sort of thing you would say to a guy friend. From what I?ve heard you sound like you're in the friend zone. Girls want what they can't have so my advice would be maybe don't give this girl as much attention or notice as you were before. Seem busy and inaccessible. Hanging out with mostly guys, she is probably used to a lot of attention and flirting and by you not giving her that, she will

  • It really depends on the girl. Some girls use sweet as a part of normal everyday use - in which case you may be in the friend zone. (It's kinda hard to tell just from what you've said.) On the other hand, I only tell someone that they're sweet if I like them.

    As to the other part of your question, if you're in the friend zone, you can get out of the friend zone. The best way is to subtly start to flirt. I say subtle because if she's only looking for friendship you don't want to scare her away before she can tell if she has those kind of feelings for you. Just a word of warning though, if you are in the friend zone, this is going to take patience on your part. For example, if I start to like a guy that I'm friends with it always takes me a lot longer to move to the next step. I think it's because I really have to put thought into whether or not it is worth it to jeopardize the friendship.

    Hope this helps.

    • She seems to use the term precious a lot for things that most would use cute/nice/sweet, which is why I am confused on the term "sweetest."

    • Sorry I'll finish my comment here..probably be shocked and wondering what she did wrong, becoming interested. Of course, this only works if she likes you, if she?s not responding to this and doesn?t seemed bothered by you acting more distanced, she only sees you as a friend. To be honest girls don?t like the nice guy who is willing to do whatever they want whenever they want, they want the guy they can never fully have, and who doesn?t treat them like a princess.

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  • You're doing the right thing - you're being awesome enough that she wants to be around you.

    Now you must LEAD and ESCALATE. Without being a leader she'll never find you attractive, she'll only find you fun. And without escalating you'll never get to holding hands or that awesome first kiss.

    Take a chance, and learn something from the situation - you'll kick yourself if you do nothing.

    Here are 5 easy steps to seduce her: link

    ~ Robby

  • It means you are attractive and seriously risking be friended. Make your move soon before its to late.

  • There is the potential that you're in the friend zone, but there is also the chance that she's like me and that when se says "sweet" it means she thinks you were "nice and/or cute", but is just a bit shy and doesn't want to come off as too forward. Being sweet is a good thing, don't change that about yourself. Be yourself and the friend zone could become the friendly zone, and maybe potential date. If you don't try you'll never know. Good Luck!

  • not necessarily.