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My good friend was drunk and told me she loves me but I don't know what to think...

We're both 20 and met 2 years ago in high school. I've always had a crush on her but never told her. She had a boyfriend so I never tried anything... Show More

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  • Shes most likely confused. she's a single momma which is hard and I'm sure she does have feelings for you but she was also embarassed about having them so quickly brought out. YOU need to think really seriously before you try to get into anything with her. she has a baby and that is not a small thing. its not like a dog. if you stay around and become a part of the kids life and things don't work out the kid will be the one who suffers. and god forbid you get her pregnant and it doesn't work out. I suggest you tell her...if you really want something serious. .. that you have always had strong feelings for her, but that you would like to take things slow if she's willing to see where it might lead. date for a while living seperately, try not to stay overnight too often, and if she wants to postpone the sexual side of things you need to be able to respect that and if she changes her mind so be i, but you shouldnt try to coax her into it if she not ready to go that far just yet. anyway, just be careful and if you do get involved take things slow for everyones sake.

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  • Umm... She has a kid and she was trying to get drugs and you're still considering her? Am I the only one that finds that to be a big deal? She doesn't seem to have her life together and if I was a guy I wouldn't bother UNLESS I thought I could help her out. Since she asked you to move in I'm guessing that is what she is after too. She needs help, wants a guy, but is relying on you because she knows you.

    Whatever you do PLEASE don't let her use you and talk to her about drug use. That's the #1 reason people lose custody of their children where I'm from. I hope everything works out to be the best for you, her, and the baby.

    Best wishes


    • She just wanted to do that the one night her mom had the baby and I was coming over. she refuses to smoke weed any more but just we were going to 1 night, it would of been our first times taking it,

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    • I understand where your coming from. now that I think about it I guess that would be a really bad idea. especially so soon. if we do end up dating or something and still want to do it then maybe,.. but thanks alot

    • No worries! Good luck to you all!


  • she likes you,

  • well there is a saying and most of the time its true: A drunk man's words is a sober man's thoughts.

    i doubt that she wants to be just friends but I think she is kinda lost and doesn't know exactly what she wants in the end. maybe you should talk to her more and try to find out things.

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  • i think she likes you . If you like her you can start developing the romance slowly but surely.

  • dont get involved with this girl. that would be dumb.

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