Find out my girlfriend slept with her best friend...and are still good friends

I have been going out with my girlfriend for about two months now. During this time she was going to lunches, nights out drinking,cinema with her male best friend. I never had a problem with this as she's known him for about 3 years and me for only couple months and she told me every time they met and went out.

However I recently found out that they had sex together couple of years ago..they had sex twice when they were drunk. I found out through a friend they slept together and I confronted her.

She thought I knew because it was common knowledge everyone in the workplace knew (spoke to a few people they confirmed this) She gave the story that she moved to london and never had many friends here so she get to know him through work and they came very good friends and on two drunken nights out they had sex but it meant nothing.

She said she's not attracted to him but just really good friends. His got a girlfriend in the states and he travels often to see her, so they would hardly see each other anyway.

Thing is she's got a few male friends and she told me she's slept with a couple of them and still speaks to them now and then

I understand all this was before we met and she's was entitled to sleep with whoever. But the what's really bugging me is that she stills speaks to them.

We have spoken about it in depth and its all in the past..but I have slept with a few woman but I do not speak or go see them for lunch etc.She is a very friendly person and does have a lot of friends, she's the type to rather have friends than enemies.

In fairness she's been honest with me telling me who she's slept with, its not easy telling someone you slept with another because you would worry they think your a playa or slut.

I think my girlfriend is amazing and stunning person with a kind heart and I believe her when she says that she's only got the eyes and heart for me..she's even told me she loves me and she's never been this happy since she's moved to london 3years ago from wales. I have fallen in love with her and I don't fall easy trust me!

However I did think about breaking up with her because of her sleeping around. But realized breaking up will be for the wrong reasons we all have a past...and I would miss her.

So should I be worried she's still see's and talks to her best friend and male friends she's slept with?

Why do I feel like I have been betrayed or strong jealously about the situation and find hard to overcome it?

How should I deal with the situation..i'm not going to tell her who she can and cannot be friends with because its unfair and I wouldn't dream of doing that.

Should I let things happen naturally and monitor the situation.

Or I'm I being controlling and paranoid..and should be concentrating on the future and having fun with my beautiful girlfriend.

Or tell her I love her but will struggle to be friends with people she's had sex with.

Find out my girlfriend slept with her best friend...and are still good friends
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