Can my BEST friend be a home wrecker in high school (read before you judge her)?

My friend Flirted w a guy w a girlfriend and they basically had an Emotional affair, not a physical one. It happened like this because the guy's girlfriend has an attitude problem, she's insecure, has you trust issues, and isn't the smartest However she gives him a lot of sex and blow jobs. Sex is what keeps their on/off relationship running. So my friend, being the complete opposite, she's Funny, nice, weird, down to earth, she's in top 5% and she's just overall a very easy going person. Anyways my friend feels guilty because our other close friend says that she is a home wrecker but I disagree. We're all 17 here, were juniors in high school, were teenagers were not adults. So how can she be a home wrecker if they have no Home to wreck. Last time I checked a home wrecker was someone who breaks up a MARRIAGE. In the eyes of the lord your still single if you aren't married. My friend shouldn't feel guilty because WE ALL do stupid things, to get someone we like. WE ALL did stupid things to get someone we liked. She's a good person. My friend is not the type of girl to sleep with a guy JUST. Because he has a girlfriend. She liked him before she even k ew and it just turns out that he has one. WHATEVER, were young!!! Its okay to make mistakes and be a little shady now and then were 17!! High school relationships dont last anyways, especially the kind of relationship that revovles around sex, you can find sex anywhere but not emotional comfort. , I can see if we were like in our 30s but come on, we're all in high school we're just having fun. Right?

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  • A marriage doesn’t have to be the subject of a careless, self-absorbed, tactless individual for it to qualify as a situation of homewrecking. Trying to say that being a catalyst to someone else’s heartache is okay as long as they weren’t married and didn’t have to part ways on a high level of commitment is just a weak, childish way of avoiding accountability for being a shitty person.

    1. What goes on in a relationship that does not involve you or your friend is none of your concern. It’s none of your business what kind of attitude his girlfriend has or what her weaknesses in the relationship may be. Just because you and your friend are nosey and spend too much of your free time analyzing a relationship that really has nothing to do with you does not create a right or valid reason to be a homewrecker. Her shortcomings are no legitimate reason for your friend to completely abandon integrity, not practice respect, and scheme to hurt someone for her own gain.
    2. It doesn’t matter if you are adults or not: You are old enough to know. You guys are 17 which means you will be adults soon and you are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. Legally being an adolescent doesn’t make it okay for you to be stupid, irresponsible, disgustingly self-absorbed, and tacky.
    3. It’s not okay to make mistakes and be shady at someone else’s expense. Being “in high school and having fun” is no excuse for your friend to be a nasty, self-absorbed whore who willingly causes another female heartache for her own selfish desires

    This situation can’t be justified. Your friend is a homewrecker and karma is going to get her really hurt if she keeps it up. It’s also important to know that good guys, the truly honorable, valuable guys lose complete respect and admiration for females who are selfish and egotistical enough to hurt another person for their own gratification. It’s ugly.

    • Well, thank you for that Lovely opinion, but you dont know my friend. Period. So you can't just assume that she's a " nasty self absorbed whore" You know what else? Fuck You. You've OBVIously never stepped outside the lines while you were younger. And since your so fucking perfect and have never done ANYTHING that would make someone think you were shady then SO BE IT. That girl will get over her heartbreak, and move on with her life. your right we are going to be adults soon which means They're gonna break up next year when we graduate anyways. And yes maybe it is not completely"right for my friend to do this but it is more acceptable to be a 17 year old and do something a little shady and do this w a guy in HIGH SCHOOL than to be a 32 year old fucking a married man with 3 children. So you know what? Fuck you. My friend is great. And I hope she continues to Be reckless, and make a shit load of mistakes, and fall down and cry and dust herself off and get up and Learn from her past.

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    • Did you ask this question to actually gain insight or to be the typical defensive, hormonal 16 year old who gets a bratty attitude when someone doesn’t tell her what she likes to hear?

      Upon reading that entire comment, I’m sure that you are a tryphlin hoe just like your friend because you support her being a whore and seem to believe that it’s okay for you two to be sleazy sluts because you are wrong. You are completely unwilling and unineterested to be a decent human being who acts with integrity and doesn’t reduce herself to something purely disgusting and ugly. Just so you know, the most sleazy, disgusting, deplorable type of guys are going to be drawn to you and your friend for the way you think. There is no excuse for you guys to be having no moral compass and a piss poor value system because you’re old enough to know when you’re being an asshole. You know the difference between right and wrong. Apparently, your parents are doing a pathetic job at home training with your attitude.
      This conversation is pointless. Good luck in your life.

    • Another thing that you need to consider outside of your pubescent, hormonal, very high school little head: Black women, especially dark skinned black women, are often stereotyped as hoes who don’t respect themselves or other women. Although this is definitely a false, mistaken, ignorant idea, occasionally a black woman like you will come along and reinforce the stereotype. There are plenty of ignorant guys who are already going to assume that you’re a black slut with no respect; it’s not very wise to prove them right. Not a good look.

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  • 'Homewrecker' just means you're fucking with other people's relationships. In Canada we'd call her a shit disturber, because she seems to like to disturb other people's shit and doesn't care much for respecting other people's business.

    Your attitude is a bad one; You're old enough to know respect. Being 17 doesn't forgive behaving like a ho, and your bias doesn't change the fact that your friend is a disrespectful ho. I won't be surprised when she gets her ass beat by his girlfriend; I would and have beat dudes black and blue for hitting on and trying to coerce my woman.

  • calm down buddy! I find it very dumb as to how people regard somebody to be a home-wrecker. Nobody can control feelings, plus your friend didn't go with the intention of bugging into his relationship. I think it's just bad how people reacted. I think your friend is absolutely innocent in this case.
    Best of luck though!

    • Ugh thank you!! Finally someone who isn't a prude.

    • @Evan_aa Funny how you get mad at others for calling you a hoe when you call them a prude. Either way it's shaming someone for their sexuality. Hypocrite.

  • She is not a homewrecker as long as she keeps it emotional. Although going out with taken people make you seem like a shitty person and a asshole/bitch realistically and i have no respect for people like that.

    • I hear you but how much of a shitty relationship you must have if your significant other goes to another woman to seek Emotional comfort. Stop under estimating the emotional part in a relationship. Emotional over rules physical. Just like Personality over rides Physical Attractiveness. And awesome, you dont have respect for people like what? People who break the rules and go after what they want effusively? Great, must be nice to know your shit doesn't stink

    • @Asker What you are saying doesn't change a thing about what i said, i have no respect for people who do and go after lousy things, sleeping with a taken person makes you a lousy person 100%, a person like that CANNOT be a decent person, although that's my opinion.

    • Your right, it is your opinion and I will respect it.

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  • You don't have to be married to be a home wrecker. It is just a term that people use to say a person who consciously fucks up a relationship. Just because you are 17 doesn't give you the right to be asshats. And highschool relationships can very well last considering my neighbours are married with a son in university and are highschool sweethearts. My boyfriend and I have been together since I was in junior high. If "we are just having fun" is your excuse for being bad people you need to wake up and smell the roses. Life doesn't work like that. It is okay to make mistakes, everyone does, but you need to own up to them and learn from them; not just excuse them.

  • Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe the guys relationship with his girlfriend isn't working out because your best freind keeps getting in the way? Yes, your best freind is a home wrecker. She shouldn't be in an emotional relationship with a guy who has a girlfriend. In the future when this happens, she will be considered a real home/marraige wrecker if she keeps this up.

  • if the friend knew the guy had a girlfriend, then she needs to back off. it's disrespectful for her to ruin the relationship; being a homewrecker is the worst you can be and it doesn't make you a better person

    • So if she's a home wrecker then what is the guy. She didn't ruin any relationship because she is t in one. The guy ruined his relationship not her. If you call her a home wrecker then he needs a shitty name too.

    • @Evan_aa He does have one, he's a cheater, but your question wasn't about him or what he did. I believe someone who wants to cheat, emotionally or physically, will always find someone to cheat with. But that doesn't change the fact that she still ruined a relationship. Not HER relationship. But a relationship. She was a part of the cheating.

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