Caught her staring at me more than once does she like me?

So this year it was the 4 week of school. I was walking down with me friend talking about something, and I felt someone was staring at me so I look to the left and it was this attractive Mexican girl. So at lunch I sit with my friend in the same table she sits in but she's at the other side/end of... Show More

Even if I wanna talk to her she is always with her Mexican friends and they all sit in a different group. But when I see her over her locker I'll say Hi and smile, ill see the response. Pray for me people cause I'm extremely shy and things like approaching kills me

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  • Is it when you aren't wearing a shirt? Then yeah, there's a reason she is staring ;)

    lol jk, if she is staring at you that much then definitely I would say she likes you and I'm sure she would like to get to know yo better. Why don't you at least smile at her when she looks at you, or try and work up the nerve to approach her and just say Hi to her?

    • Hahaha I like that question.. well once she saw me with my shirt off I have P.E. first hour and the entrance she comes in passes by the locker room. I was outside the locker room and she saw me she couldn't take her eyes off me, but she use to stare at me before that. I hope she doesn't like me for my body or how I look.