This girl keeps on annoying me... Why?

One of my best friend's friend keeps on annoying me. She constantly takes my lock and throws it around, pulling my hair, punching me, laughing at me for having a crush on someone, stealing stuff from me, etc. I've told her to stop for a long time but she seriously doesn't know when she should stop. A lot of my friends say that she likes me, but she denies it. Why is she doing this? What should I do? Does she have s crush on me or something?


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  • Maybe she's trying to get your attention, or maybe that's just her personality, you'll have to discuss it with her and tell her that these stuff really annoys you


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  • I don't know why, but maybe you should talk to your best friend about this. See if he/she can talk to this girl about what she does to you.

  • Confess to her , one you may get a chick out of nowhere and 2 if she doesn't like you she will start avoiding you and you will be spared ^_^