Do people stare at ugly people often?

Lately I feel like I've been stared at 10x more at school while passing classes. They aren't guys I know and we aren't mutual friends. I'm not super involved and I don't have a reputation. The guys staring, I don't know them and they aren't my bfs friends and they aren't boyfriends of my friends

I don't know if I've been looking extra bad lately but I've noticed people staring at me, guys mostly. No, I'm not some beauty nor am I some s*x goddess and the girl in the pic is not of me (Cheryl Cole actually)

Do you think that's why people are staring? They aren't long stares, maybe like 4-5 second stares and then when I make eye contact they stop

On a scale of ugliness, how ugly does a girl have to be for you to stare? safe for work, though odd


lmao^ it should work but it might not work on mozilla

I think I'm maybe a 4/5 on the scale...not fat and I have really good hygiene but I'm also average


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  • I sometimes look at someone if I find them exceptionally unattractive. The could be looking your way because they like your look tho. I doubt they would stare at you for unattractive reasons unless you are just exceptionally unattractive.

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      You put it so tastefully with "exceptionally unattractive" haha

      But maybe I am exceptionally unattractive hah

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      lol I doubt it I have not seen many people who are.