Do people stare at ugly people often?

Lately I feel like I've been stared at 10x more at school while passing classes. They aren't guys I know and we aren't mutual friends. I'm not super involved and I don't have a reputation. The guys staring, I don't know them and they aren't my bfs friends and they aren't boyfriends of my friends

I don't know if I've been looking extra bad lately but I've noticed people staring at me, guys mostly. No, I'm not some beauty nor am I some s*x goddess and the girl in the pic is not of me (Cheryl Cole actually)

Do you think that's why people are staring? They aren't long stares, maybe like 4-5 second stares and then when I make eye contact they stop

On a scale of ugliness, how ugly does a girl have to be for you to stare? safe for work, though odd


lmao^ it should work but it might not work on mozilla

I think I'm maybe a 4/5 on the scale...not fat and I have really good hygiene but I'm also average


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  • I sometimes look at someone if I find them exceptionally unattractive. The could be looking your way because they like your look tho. I doubt they would stare at you for unattractive reasons unless you are just exceptionally unattractive.

    • You put it so tastefully with "exceptionally unattractive" haha

      But maybe I am exceptionally unattractive hah

    • lol I doubt it I have not seen many people who are.

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  • I don't know. People sense that there's something dangerously wrong with me and avoid eye contact altogether.

  • Most humans spend a lot more time looking at attractive people then unattractive people. Unless the person is more like deformed, they are invisible if unattractive.

  • Really attractive and really ugly people catch the greatest amount of attention because majority of people are in the average area. So, people tend to stare at the hottest and the ugliest because those are the people who catch our attention.

  • while REALLY ugly people does caught the eye, you REALLY have to emphasize the REALLY part :P, we guys take a good look of REALLY hot girls, but also hot-ish girls and even not-so-hot girls sometimes, but with uglyness is nothing like that, you have to be TRULY ugly to be stared at so much.

    are you feeling BAD? not meanning only healt, but stressed or sad or angry, this would make more sense, and is the same for you girls, you see an ugly guy and would probably even grossed but he won't caught your attention nearly as much as the shady fidgeting guy who looks psycho, and often times, psycho looking guys are not nearly as psycho, they are just insecure guys, who feel uncomfortable on their own skin, and that gets them weird looks that of course makes them more uneasy, and is a circle that ends up making them feel like total freaks and they project that image.

    now you don't have to be insecure, which I guess you are not, but that's why I ask, angry? stressed? anything that is making you uneasy, or simple BAD, enough for it to show.

  • I doubt they are looking at you because you are ugly. It's probably the opposite. Take it as a compliment.

  • Maybe you look good? Men don't typically stare at people they don't find attractive. Maybe you had something on your face.

    If someone is just straight up mutant ugly I tend not to stare at them just a quick glance of wtf.

    • I doubt I have something on my face every day of the week...but no, I'm no show stopper haha

      maybe other people react differently to less attractive folks

  • No guys do nto stare at ugly your probably pretty. Aren't you luck and some guy soon.


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  • Yeah the same things happen to me. I get kind of self conscious afterward and I start to wonder if look extra gross that day. Its either that or people just have staring problems.

  • No usually guys avoid eye contact with ugly girls & stare at girls they think are hot. Ugly peopleare usually invisible and don't get looked @ at all. Maybe you're not as ugly as you think?

  • not really. people give attention to hot people

  • I really doubt it's because you're ugly. It might be because you might have an interesting look since you're mixed.

    • No, that's not it haha. I'm actually very very ordinary. The VS model exotic look isn't as common as people think, among mixed people

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    • Nah, I'm average and the girls here are extremely gorgeous--future trophy wife status haha. tan, blond hair and blue eyes. So it's not me being more attractive

      Maybe it's just a coincidence or I'm probably hideous compared to the rest of the girls here lol

    • Haha. Well, maybe that's it. You look different from most of the girls. I say take it as a compliment. But that's not really as easy as it sounds.