What does it mean when a girl looks at your lip when she is talking to you?

I noticed my banker who I met for the first time to make a new account, I gave her good eye contact as I listened, I noticed the color of her eyes.

When she was talking to me, I noticed she alternate at times between my lips and eyes. I find it a little odd since I'm a client and she's a banker.

Although we did do some unnecessary chit chat.


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  • she could be interested and is thinking about how it would be like to kiss you hence she could be interested in you. or maybe you have very unique looking lips and she is plainly facinated. or maybe think she is looking there when she reall isen't. please help me.


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  • I'm a nurse and we alternate between looking at someones lips and eyes to make them feel less pressure and awkwardness while talking.

  • ive been told to alternate between looking at people's eyes, lips, and hands, because its good people skills and it makes the person you're talking to think that you are fully engaging yourself in the conversation. so it could mean nothing :\

  • she either likes ur lips is is daydreaming about kssing them

    • If a girl was looking at your lips, she was thinking about a kissing them! (even if she was a banker ;-)

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