Do all beautiful girls have attitude problems?

Hi folks,

Do all beautiful girls (or girls who think they are beautiful) have attitude problems? I mean don't you guys think that pretty girls are a bit too haughty?

And finally what's there in showing attitude..(For girls) I feel its a pretty lame way to show superiority.

PS: I am not chauvinistic at all.


Most Helpful Girl

  • nope, I have to say I'm not a ball of bitchiness who everyone'' like annoys me because I'm so beautiful.''lol.and I'm like you, I don't get it when girls or people are rude to people for no reason.theyre f*cking retarded.they either one, are naturally just mean people, or two, treat people like sh*t to make themselves feel better.either way, don't waste your time.there are a lot of sweet, beautiful girls out there, just keep looking.i thrive on thinking of ways that I can be pleasant in general, and keep me and my man's relationship super groovy.and I think I'm super enough to make every eye turn on me when I walk into the grocierystore.but then again, maybe I'm wrong, maybe they're just looking because they think I look kind of weird or!anyway, maybe it is something else, all together,since your getting it all the time,maybe it's your approach towards girls.most girls do get an attitude problem automatically when a guy is coming on too strong.or when a guy try's using pick up lines, and uses lots of slang, sometimes it comes off as being maybe a little fake.a lot of time's it pays off more to show a pretty girl, your chilled, sensative side.and definitly, definitly, don't ask a chick for her number within a minute of meeting her.even your super hunkalicious, if you come off as too much like a player, chicks usually automatically write you off.hope my advice helps.P.S.i am the nicest person in the world, but it is my pet peeve when people are rude to other nice people just to make themselves feel better.that p*sses me the hell off.why not tell the girl, ''your attitude right now is making you look really ugly''.who knows, maybe she'll feel bad and be nice.probably not.but you could always see what happens.if she's still a bitch, like I said, lost cause.f#ck'll have much more fun with someone who is nice.good luck!