Men shaving their bodies?

Ok I am curious from both males & females. I notice that it is becoming more popular for guys to shave their chest, arms and many parts of their bodies. I know it started more for swimmers and body builders. Now I am seeing a lot of guys who are trying to have smoother skin than use ladies I guess. So I want to know how many ladies prefer to have their guys natural or shaved & do you think it is more manly for them to keep the hair. I want to know from guys if they are with this shaving craze or do they prefer to keep that body hair.

  • Vote A Your a girl who likes guys to keep bodies shaved
  • Vote B Your a girl who prefers for guys to keep their body hair
  • Vote C Your a guy who is into this shaving craze
  • Vote D You a guy who likes to keep his body hair
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i would really worry when my boyfriend would have less hair then me ! lol so I prefer him hairy (obviously not toooo hairy)