Men shaving their bodies?

Ok I am curious from both males & females. I notice that it is becoming more popular for guys to shave their chest, arms and many parts of their bodies. I know it started more for swimmers and body builders. Now I am seeing a lot of guys who are trying to have smoother skin than use ladies I guess. So I want to know how many ladies prefer to have their guys natural or shaved & do you think it is more manly for them to keep the hair. I want to know from guys if they are with this shaving craze or do they prefer to keep that body hair.

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  • Your a guy who is into this shaving craze
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  • i would really worry when my boyfriend would have less hair then me ! lol so I prefer him hairy (obviously not toooo hairy)


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  • Personally I find it a good thing to shave down south, as it were, but leave the rest of the body hair.

    The reasons-

    1. Cooler in the summer.

    2. Don't sweat as much, and no hair discourages bacteria that cause body odor.

    So yeah, basically it's easier to keep clean! ;-)

  • Hmmm

    Its a craze now? I've been doing it for twenty years. I just never liked the way scrotal hair and armpit hair looked.

    • Ahh, I realize some guys have been doing it for a long time. now there is more and more guys doing it. I, and many other women do enjoy having a man with normal body hair as long as is not really alot. Although there is some women who even like alot, probably fewer women though. I think the ones who do like body hair probably prefer it to be maintained and not growing madly out of the nose or have a uni-brow going on. So keeping it trimmed is good. I know some females just think its all nasty.

  • Who likes all that gross hair that's starting to form on the back of my shoulders? Yuck!

    What's wrong with shaving that off? So then I do my chest & arms. I tried Lazar hair removal but it didn't work for me.(just my luck) Just a side note I also "manscape" down below

  • A little manscaping goes a long way in keeping yourself tidy. I never was a fan of the hairy pits and package. Keeping it trim ranks right up there with getting rid of those pesky nose hairs. Just looks better.

  • I only shave my face and neck.

    I trim my chest, back, pubic, upper arm, and armpit hair. The reason is to keep everything tidy, since I'm a very hairy dude.

  • I shave everything because that's how my wife like me to be, but its good because it keeps my body cool when I run, decreases drag in the water when I swim and allows me to show off more muscle definition. If I didn't bodybuild I wouldn't do it because without muscles it could look very feminine. I'm also very tannish which helps, I have never once been asked if I shave.

  • Well I'm 24 and I don't grow hair on my chest, I don't know why, just never have. I don't have any on my back either thank God. I shave all my pubic hair and have since 18 because I think it looks and it def feels better. It sucks to shave twice a week, but it's worth it. Truth is, if I did stuff with a girl and she didn't like that I am bald down there, well that's her loss. I do it for me, the benefits that girls like it is a bonus, and those who don't like it just don't get it. Those who think it's gay, I know tons of gay guys that don't shave bald. I don't shave my legs, but I do trim my armpit hair just by using a 1/4'' on my buzzer once a week.

  • I'm fine with my body hair, except down south. It just gets uncomfortable at a point, and a trim will fix that.

  • I don't completly shave my body but I do shave quite a bit. Such as my pubic hair, armpits, toes, chest, and the sides of my arms so it's not so weirdly crazy.

  • depends on the guy. I started to get a receiving hair line my second year of college. I wasnt going to walk around with more hair then the other I shaved my head. I shaved my chest because I think I look younger and it looks clean. most girls my age don't want a guy with a hairy body. I shave my arms because I work out and I think my arms look bigger hahaha its clean.when winter comes. I'm sure ill have hair on my arms but my head and chest will still be hair free. but I i do it for the ladies

    • I veet every 3 days. I like the clean and smooth look and feel, I don't worry if a woman likes it or not. I am straight,educated,have a business, money, etc.. There are so many women on this earth,that I don't care to be with a woman who would concern herself with wheather or not I had hair on my d***. she would certainly be the losser. not I!

  • I have been shaving and waxing for years but not regularly with all areas. About once or twice a year I find an opportunity to shave or remove my leg and arm hairs as they grow back more natural. It looks younger and cooler, and makes me look fit just like an athletic. I like the feel of smooth skin but I am lucky to have blond hair so I can get away with months of no shaving. Opposing the myth; over the years the hair has never become coarse or darker in colour instead grows back naturally. I do use clippers in between shaves but I find this in fact makes the hair thicker.

    I have shaved my pubic hair many times just for curiosity or because razor decided to travel beyond the scrotum. It does look weird but kinky, and was surprise to hear other men have tried it or their weekly regular practice. I use a clipper, and recently heard of the smart idea of creating shapes as well as colouring.

    I like shaving my chest and I do feel more like a man with energy to burn.

    As I age more hair is appearing where I less like. I have successfully used tweezers to stop the southern invasion of hair on my back. However there are hard to get to areas. I suspect eventually I will have to take up waxing which should be time saving but the costs and finding a salon to do men in a mining town.

  • I use to have really crazy chest hair. Me and my wife recently went on vacation to the beach, and my niece jokingly recommended that I shave my chest. I thought, what the heck? I didn't actually shave it, but I did use some sort of hair removal cream that my wife bought for me. I actually liked having my chest hair gone. It felt like it was about 10 degrees cooler outside than it used to feel. I'm not sure if I am going to keep my chest hairless, but it is tempting. As for the rest of my body, I leave my arms and legs alone, and I trim my pubic hair (not shave, just trim).

  • Men aren't men anymore. WOMEN are the ones who are suppose to like that smooth feeling, not men. If you stink, SHOWER more. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if these smoothies are now secretly wearing silk panties because "it feels good".

    These same men are now going to the bathroom in pairs. What the hell is that all about.

  • Several years ago I heard about women shaving their genitals. I saw pictures and thought it was sexy and wanted my wife to take up the practice. I spoke to her about the issue and got a firm NO! After letting the issue settle and more reading of women who would say if he would shave his I would shave mine. I then thought OK I'll give it a try and shave my manhood trying to get her to agree. It didn't work with her but I found how the smooth feel was so comfortable and enjoyable that I continued to shave and still do today. I also shave my stomach up to my chest where I trim my chest hair short to make things look uniform. I also trim arm and leg hair short and shave my back hair as much as possible. I am a body builder and the trimming of my body hair makes the exposed muscles look nice. (wish I would have started it earlier) It also makes me want to stay in better shape and keep my weight down so I will continueto look nice without the body hair. At first my wife didn't like it, but now she doesn't want me to grow it back.


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  • I've been with several guys who shave the genitals but not the rest of the body. I like that part of the body shaved or trimmed short as for obvious reasons. Have never seen a guy shaved all over

  • To put it bluntly, I dislike manscaping, really dislike it. If I see an attractive celebrity...then I see them in their underwear looking completely hairless, it just turns me off completely.

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with men who want to do it, it just won't get MY juices flowing.

    I've had BF's ask me if they should completely shave their groin area and I've said no. The look of a bald penis kinda freaks me out. It makes me think I'm about to have sex with a pre-pubescent boy.

    I have felt shaven balls before, I won't lie, they feel lovely and soft. But I wouldn't say it's made me have a preference, I still like playing with them hairy or not.

    Chest hair FOR THE WIN. There is nothing sexier than a guy with hair on his chest. Tom Selleck rocks it.

    I actually find my love for man hair a little bit odd considering my generation had grown up spoon fed hot men who are completely hairless and been told that body hair on a man is "soo ewww".

    Obviously my female instincts overrode what I'd been told growing up.

    In the case of manscaping, Nature won over Nurture for me.

  • Unless a guy is overly hairy then I like guys who keep their hair, I know the trend is for the stripper look with no hair but that's not attractive to me. A guy who is secure in himself and natural is way more attractive for me.

    • I agree, unless they are looking hairy as a monkey or mountain man. I like the average body hair. I think that is what make them look more masculine. I don't think I would want them to be so hairy you really can't see skin, or have it growing out their nose and ears... I also, agree with katiesmuff as far a the lower area for reasons

    • Everybody has their opinions, I used to never shave until I started getting complaints from woman because I was too hairy. I've never been with a woman that liked hair on me, don't know why and now I married a woman that likes me completely shaven and if I forget to do it she quickly reminds me by calling me an ape lol. Story of my life!

  • I like a man to shave his face but just trim the rest or just be natural. I don't want to sleep next to a man that feels like a girl.