Should your boyfriend think you're the most beautiful girl in the world?

So my boyfriend basically said (when I was being insecure) that I am "more attractive than most people". At first I thought that was a nice thing to say but then I really thought about it and it kind of hurt my feelings. We got into a fight because I feel like (maybe I'm kidding myself) that if a... Show More

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  • You're being overly sensitive. Do you think that he's THE most attractive man on the planet? Really? Including every dreamy dude in Hollywood and music? I doubt it. BUT if you say yes are you saying it merely to back your side of the arguement? Because I have a feeling if you do say yes that you're a liar. ;) Of course if you're feeling like crap he probably should have lied because you girls eat that stuff up, and honestly require it. Otherwise a HUGE fight over something petty breaks out (ie what we're talking about here, now). Guys have the tendancy to be honest to a fault because we're logical thinkers. Ease up on him. He was paying you a compliment. Real life ain't the movies and the stories you read in fairy tails. Any douche on here that says, "Yes. A man's woman should be the most beautiful in the world to him" is either gay and hasn't figured it out yet, or blowing smoke up your ass to try and make you feel better the way your boyfriend probably should have when you were feeling insecure... :)