Should your boyfriend think you're the most beautiful girl in the world?

So my boyfriend basically said (when I was being insecure) that I am "more attractive than most people". At first I thought that was a nice thing to say but then I really thought about it and it kind of hurt my feelings. We got into a fight because I feel like (maybe I'm kidding myself) that if a guy really loves a girl, he will see her as the most beautiful girl in the world. So he basically admitted that yes he thought there were others prettier than me and tried to pull the "well do you think I'm the best looking guy in the world"? Which I kind of think he is so I was even more humiliated. My best friend is engaged and her fiancée has said before that my best friend is the most beautiful girl in the world so I dunno. Or am I just being unreasonable and psychotic? Would other girls be hurt too? Cause I'm more hurt and like wondering "Do I wanna be with a guy who feels this way about me?" :( I know the whole "there's always someone prettier than you" and I definitely don't think I'm that great- I just thought that if you're really in love with someone, you don't even see anyone else. Maybe I've been watching too many romantic comedies...


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  • You're being overly sensitive. Do you think that he's THE most attractive man on the planet? Really? Including every dreamy dude in Hollywood and music? I doubt it. BUT if you say yes are you saying it merely to back your side of the arguement? Because I have a feeling if you do say yes that you're a liar. ;) Of course if you're feeling like crap he probably should have lied because you girls eat that stuff up, and honestly require it. Otherwise a HUGE fight over something petty breaks out (ie what we're talking about here, now). Guys have the tendancy to be honest to a fault because we're logical thinkers. Ease up on him. He was paying you a compliment. Real life ain't the movies and the stories you read in fairy tails. Any douche on here that says, "Yes. A man's woman should be the most beautiful in the world to him" is either gay and hasn't figured it out yet, or blowing smoke up your ass to try and make you feel better the way your boyfriend probably should have when you were feeling insecure... :)


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  • It's reality sweetie, there will always be someone better than you. There are two things you can take comfort in though;

    1) he has no problem with telling you the truth

    2) looks aren't all in a relationship, the bottom line is, he wants to be in a relationship with you however he will just want to shag those living barbies, as opposed to loving them.

  • No. You are being over sensitive. Just because he is dating you doesn't mean he has to think your the most beautiful women in the world. What if he broke up with you, started to date some other girl and now she's the most beautiful women in the world just cause their dating? Being in a relationship with someone is having the abilitiy to acknowledge ones flaws and know that you can accept them with the flaws they have. So be happy that he is with you since even though you don't think you are that pretty, he is willing to accept the perhaps you aren't that pretty, but he is willing to accept that. Sorry if that came off harsh but that is what love is.

    • Sorry instead of the second time I said he is willing to accept that its supposed to be he is willing to stay with you

    • Also you've probably got a lot more going on then she does, looks really aren't the most important thing when you have a shitty personality?

  • Its unreasonable. A fairytale fantasy.

  • I would never cheat on my wife.

    But to answer your question possible causes of cheating for me would be if we became emotionally or intimately detached. At this point the relationship is over anyways and it's just boiling down to who is going to give in and say I'm done.

    • What the hell, I didn't click on this topic. Ugh.

      Anyways, in my opinion, YES your girlfriend, significant other, wife SHOULD be the most beautiful woman in the world and as her husband/boyfriend/whatever it's my job to make her feel that way.

  • If you want him to see you as the most beautiful girl in the world, break up with him. Trust me, nothing makes a girl more attractive than her rejecting you.

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  • You know sweetie - I think you're over thinking this. I think this was a big compliment, not just because he's STILL calling you attractive (because that's what was said), but he's being HONEST with you, which shows he's not just paying you lip service so that you'll shut up, lol.

    Seriousy, I would rather a guy be honest with me (and I'm a big girl, so trust me, I DO have my own insecurities) than be telling me I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. Because let's face it, the majority of us look NOTHING like Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie...but his honesty is telling you he RESPECTS you enough as a PERSON to not tell you that you look like those women.

    And obviously, he's attracted to you because he's with you in the first place :). From experience, I highly suggest that you don't read too much into what he says...people in general get worn out by that really quickly. Good luck sweetie!

    • Perfect. A realistic woman?? You guys DO exist!!! *best answer candidate*

    • LOL, thank you, we do...but you know sometimes we're too realistic, I scare the guys off! :)

  • if you're not jessica alba, megan fox, marissa miller, heidi klum, giselle, adrianna lima, or are not continually being airbrushed/professionally made-up, then he's always going to think of them as being the most beautiful girls in the world. love doesn't blind you so much that your whole perception of a person's physical appearance changes. what love will do is cause you to appreciate everything about a person, and you fall in love with their flaws. so he may see you as a 9 on the scale of 1-10 (and let's be honest, is that really a bad thing?), but if he had to pick between you and a perfect 10, he'd pick you. when you love someone, you don't want to be with anyone else. you wouldn't want to be with someone who doesn't have the same freckle or dimple or laugh that your partner has. THOSE are the things that make you "the most beautiful girl in the world."

    i think you need to stop worrying about being the *most* beautiful. it comes off as a little shallow. otherwise, there will be plenty of girls less attractive than you who are in healthy relationships because they know what's really important, and are comfortable with themselves so that their guys can be too.

  • Honestly, I think you are being unreasonable. The real world isn't a Hollywood movie. Reverse the question, do you honestly, truly, and deeply think your boyfriend is the most beautiful man in the world? Sorry, but I doubt it. He may not have chosen the most tactful set of words, but I think what he said was honestly meant to be complimentary and it sounds a lot more truthful and honest than someone who would tell you that you were the most beautiful girl in the world. Guys don't always have the most grace with women, but I think you have to look past the content and think of the context. To him, you really are prettier than most people, which is huge. Instead of being insecure and second-guessing yourself and him, appreciate a compliment where you can get one. Not every man will even give you a compliment, nonetheless one that truthful.

  • It's not realistic to say that "you don't even see anyone else" when you're in a relationship. The rest of the world doesn't suddenly become unattractive just because you've found someone. Your boyfriend's compliment actually was very thoughtful. He said that you're *more* attractive than *most* people, which means that he does think your looks are above average. Plus, he sees more in you than just looks. Even if there are other more physically attractive women out there, you're the one he wants to be with, not them. That's a really sweet thing to say!

  • I think when a guy tells a girl "you're the mot beautiful girl in the world" it doesn't just factor in their looks, but their overall love for the person and all of the factors that makes that person.

    Honestly, though.. he probably just doesn't understand it or never got this memo that he is supposed to say it. I didn't know I am supposed to be told this lols I have had guys say it, but I wouldn't be offended because I wasn't told it.

    Remember, actions are far better than words. Does he show you how much he cares? Wouldn't you prefer that over a guy just saying it?

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