Why do guys touch their girlfriends butts?

Guys does that mean you want your girl sexually or what? My boyfriend was touching my butt the whole time we were together yesterday. Why do you touch your girlfriends butts? please explain.


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  • Well I am a butt man and I love touching booty's ( with consent of course). if you have a nice butt why wouldn't he want to touch it? The reason why I touch booty is it turns me on. I think guys can agree that touching and caressing a booty is a turn on. That's where a lot of the action happens during sex ( not anal sex ) but when you do it doggy style, when you slap a girls butt guys liiiiike it.

    The question is, do you have problem with it? And if you do why?

    • Noi don't have no problem with it whatsoever. I like it, I just wanted to know if that's a call for I want you in bed type of thing.

    • You are right.

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  • Typically, it's a sign of affection. But sometimes, it is a sign that we are wanting to have sex. Depends on the mood. This is a great example of when a girl needs to know how to read her guy.

  • I Love butts ! I think he's being affectionate and ready to have sex with you

  • Because you girls have such cute ones! And a nice firm butt is fun to grab:)

  • its simple and maybe a little sexual but guys just like a nice but and wanna touch them. we can't help it

  • It feels good and is a turn-on

    shows she has a nice body adn that you like her

    it's even better when a girl touches a guy's butt

  • some guys just can't hold their hands back nothing personal but others the make these moves to make the girl feel he want to have sex with her or try to make her feel sexy ,

    did he have sex with you or not if not maybe he want too , you should ask him why .

    I bet he'll say '' babe I love you''

  • I do it because i find my fiancee's bum to be sexy and because it turns me on the feel of it as we walk and to let others know she is with me. I find that some how it also makes her feel wanted and loved i also do it because it seems to make her feel good and loved inside.

  • first it feels good and its a way of sayin she my property! In a good way though it may also mean he wasnts sex.

  • I usually touch a girl's booty who I am with because I tend to be more of an ass man rather than a boob guy. They get to know this about me and usually are very pleased when I show some attention/interest. Everyone is different but that's how I would go about looking at it. Your guy is more than likely very content with yours.

  • Hi,honestly that's disrespectful I believe but from what I hear,they seem to do it to A.annoy her kid around etc. B. To show her off in public to say she's yours etc. or C.wanting to rush into etc. I do not do this ever,but my friends etc. have.hope this helps!


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  • My fiance tells me that I have a beautiful butt (I'm latin). He says it's just nice to grab or place his hand on my booty. It's just a more acceptable way to show affection than motor boating our boobs. Ha ha. Guys do it because they like our butts, they are horny, both or its just a show of affection (geared more towards putting their hand in your back pocket.

  • Then I said my boyfriend and he said he does it to turn me on! I would think to because I couldn't think of anything else but that to! He said cause it makes us feel good in know that we are really interested in me in how much he loves me and my body! Yea right!

  • It could be the fact that he's infatuated with your booty or if your in public, he could just be showing off.

    Now that's not a bad thing, he just wants to make other guys know what they're missing and that he has it.

    Just a couple of thoughts.


  • I actually love it when guys touch my butt especially when they slap it I mean for me its a major turn on when guys do that.

  • Her butt, his property ;)