Why do guys touch their girlfriends butts?

Guys does that mean you want your girl sexually or what? My boyfriend was touching my butt the whole time we were together yesterday. Why do you touch your girlfriends butts? please explain.


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  • Well I am a butt man and I love touching booty's ( with consent of course). if you have a nice butt why wouldn't he want to touch it? The reason why I touch booty is it turns me on. I think guys can agree that touching and caressing a booty is a turn on. That's where a lot of the action happens during sex ( not anal sex ) but when you do it doggy style, when you slap a girls butt guys liiiiike it.

    The question is, do you have problem with it? And if you do why?

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      Noi don't have no problem with it whatsoever. I like it, I just wanted to know if that's a call for I want you in bed type of thing.

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      You are right.