Why are extremely beautiful women so devastatingly distracting?

Sure beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some feminine forms of facial and physical beauty are universally acknowledged and cherished by all men. During experiments even infants have shown the ability to pick supermodel types over average looking women.. Although exceedingly beautiful women are rare percentile of the entire female population, and despite the fact that we all have individual preferences for nuances of beauty, still we all have experienced and all know of that 'kind' of beautiful when we see or come across it..

Why is feminine beauty so distracting and devastatingly mind-blowing? There are many types and forms of female beauty but why are guys so affected (especially by the extremely elegant, graceful, perfect, angelic, ethereal, feminine, womanly, hourglass, jaw dropping, breathtaking, devastatingly awe-inspiring types of female and their forms of aesthetic beauty) by a beautiful women when in her presence or even just encountering her visually from afar?

I'm not talking about sex, or lust or even want of a relationship.. just the appreciation and enjoyment of sheer visual feminine aesthetic beauty itself!

It seems like every time I come across some very pretty/beautiful girl/woman I completely lose tract of my train of thought and go into brain freeze.. almost like I develop some form of temporary ADHD/OCD/ADD and as hard as I try not to over-analyze or think about the effect and influence.. like subconsciously in the back of my mind I would (as strange as this sounds) feel "devastated" for a very long time and it totally puts me in a weird mental emotional mood for a while.

Does anyone else experienced this?


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  • I thought this was going to be just another "why are pretty girls --" type of question. But I will say that I really enjoyed the way you asked this, and still managed to avoid a completely overused and tired topic. Very nicely said.

    And yes, I do feel this too. I think every guy feels this. In high school, we all feel the life get sucked right out of us when we see that kind of girl. We look at the guy and wonder what it's like to be him. What did he do? What did he not do? I wonder if all that "you can have anyone" junk is true? Wow.

    And even after high school, we look at her and feel both the best and the worst feelings. We marvel at her, but silently scowl at her like she was a nemesis of ours. She can make our brains both empty out, and get fired up with all of our male emotions at the very SAME time. We will fight to get her attention but question if we even could. We wonder about ourselves- have we been "blessed" enough?

    We feel the best and worst kind of butterflies when we come into contact with her.

    So yes, I know what you feel like lol. Devastatingly beautiful indeed...


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  • If I'm attracted to a guy- which is rare, but if I am I feel exactly the way guys feel with women, its not women who are devastating it anyone YOU who ever what ever you are, are attracted to. Its not a gender thing its a human mating system,

  • i've seen women that where so good looking to where I couldn't believe a face could be put together so well. lol

  • Gosh, I am a straight girl and I have even seen some women who were so beautiful that it was distracting. Interesting question but I don't think there is an answer :)


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  • Well, yea. I guess God implanted the Male brain with such a software so that the guys get distracted by the female forms and don't progress to a level where they (guys) overthrow him (God)! ;)

    P.S. - No offence to the girls or to God. Just pure light humour ;)

  • It's your basic instinct. You are hardwired to find the most desirable mate.