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Why do men prefer brunettes over blondes?

I'm a natural blond and recently, I asked my boyfriend what hair color he prefers on women. He said that truthfully, he preferred brunettes. I did... Show More

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  • You have gorgeous hair and eyes.

    Back to the question at hand: lately, "Barbie" dolls are starting to become overrated and men start to realize brunettes are way more down to earth than blonds.

    Blonds are gaining a lot of negativity not from the media, the media still promotes them. It's what real life cases teaches us and from my point of view, blond girls are really undesirable (except in bed, lol).

    I'm not saying it's true and we should judge a whole group solely on an individual.

    • Thanks :)

What Guys Said 17

  • It truthfully just depends on the girl... I prefer brunettes yes, but like for example, Emily on this last season of the Bachelor? She was incredibly beautiful.

    I believe it just depends on the individual mostly... I just feel much more inclined to find a brunette attractive, personally, tho.

  • I like a mix sometimes. Saw this really really cute blond girl with dark brown strands today, looked awesome on her.

  • I prefer blondes.

  • I prefer brunets for a strange reason. I'm blond and I don't like the idea of marring a girl with my hair color. hows that for illogical reasoning.

  • They don't all.

  • nooooooo! Blond is way better! Don't dye yur hair

  • There's this hairstyle that some girls do today, it's like caramel blond and dark brown strands, it's really attractive :D

    • i love your style of hair colour

    • Thanks :)

  • Well I am a guy. Brunettes have an exotic quality. In my opinion you should do what makes you happy. All that research was good, and it help get more information, but in the end it is up to you weather you are going to dye it. One suggestion is asked your friends and go from there. Hopes this helps.

  • i prefer blond girls

  • We don't. Or at least I don't. I don't choose between blondes and brunettes. I've seen attractive blondes and attractive brunettes. There's the whole fake plastic barbie doll image attached with being blond which also includes a ditzy personality. I think that has become a bit cliched to be honest. I've met plenty of blondes who were nothing like that. I guess it all comes down to preferences.

    • 1mo

      Thanks for saying that not all girls that are blonde act that way at least I don't. I actually hate girls who color their hair blonde and purposly act ditzy, like its a new thing. It's really unattractive.

  • Preferences

  • Are you stupid? Since when does your boyfriend speak for all men? Are you planning on dating all 51% of men who prefer brunettes? Are just maybe, MAYBE you MIGHT find a good guy in the 49% demographic?

    You do realize that brunettes outnumber blondes(by a huge percentage), right? It's a fact. So based on probability, a majority of men should prefer brunettes... by far. But it's always neck and neck, you can almost flip a coin. That suggests blondes are more demanded OVERALL, in spite of being fewer in numbers. DOH! You should be facepalming right now.

    • Uhh yeah, I realize I was making a generalization and your statistics are wrong smartie. FYI- I'm pretty sure I'm not stupid.. I go to an ivy league college

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    • Obama is an Ivy Leaguer...proving that those schools accept the stupid and the corrupt..

    • LMAO. Taster has got his head screwed on right.

  • Just looks better to me. I don't know why.

  • I like both.

    You'd look better without that thingy (eye liner? maybe.) on your eye.

    • Haha it's mascara

    • Great. I dislike it, personally. xD

  • blondes are snobish. they usually look unapproachable. their loss.

  • It's just the stereotypical stupid propaganda, especially those who were picking Miss America for the last couple of years, hispanics over scandinavians? LOL come on, whom are we fooling here, did you get fooled too girl? well don't be, you know now it's only the blond guys who go crazy after brown, and those are a minority :) most of guys on earth are either dark whites or simply brown people... do you want to go dark to impress the blond minority, or embrace your natural beauty to keep stunning the majority of men on earth?

    Your choice!

    • It's true what you are saying to some extent, I have dark hair and tend to get unwanted attention from the minority of blond males. Most people tend to be attracted to the opposite of themselves. Not necessarily a bad thing though.

    • I really liked your comment dude, well said! Luckily, I wouldn't say that all blond guys go crazy after brown. I'm a natural blond and so is my boyfriend :)

What Girls Said 19

  • I`m a brunette myself and I think we`re pretty awesome.

    • Really? I always imagined you as a redhead. No Idea why though

    • Yeah becuase I`m fiery haha. I wanna dye it that colour.

  • They don't.

  • The brunettes think guys prefer blondes and the blondes think the guys prefer brunettes, lol..

    That's why I just go red lol.

    • LOL I don`t think like that. I have confidemce in myself and I don`t care which guys prefer. I`m happy with my hair colour, infact I love it.

    • Nah, kidding. I like the auburn color, so I stick with it cause of that. My natural brunette color has grown out and my Boyfriend doesn't want me to dye it at all because he likes it, but I just prefer Auburn.

    • Auburn hair is gorgeous imo, it`s really nice.

  • he wouldn't be dating you if he really didn't like your hair haha. :) Don't change for a guy, but if you do dye your hair think mink-brown, a medium hazel nut, or a redish-brown color because of your skin tone. :) But also remember once you dye your hair dark it will be hard to get it back to your natrual color unless you just let it grow out. And just because he PREFERS brunettes, doesn't mean that he doesn't LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE! :D

  • i say don't do it because I was a brunette who wanted a change. I got blond highlights thinking it would make my man, now ex, want me more and it backfired. for a few, he liked it but he missed the old me, which I thought shouldn't have mattered because if you love someone, you love them regardless but there's a reason why they call it superficial love.

  • I just dyed mine brown :( I regret it I don't feel like myself I am naturally blond too I think its just preference to a guy I think men just like women of all hair colours and all shapes and sizes and breast size we are all different and so are men and our minds are so complex innit.

  • feel free to go any colour. try one that no one usually has like blue with purple foils. its up to u

  • Your boyfriend likes and you're a blond. Don't change for a guy... it's not worth it. Do you really want to switch to brunette? Or is it just because of the information you've dug up?

  • Keep it natural, your boyfriend likes you for you, not your hair color. Unless you WANT to dye it brown, go ahead, but if you're only doing it for the percentage, then that's not a good enough reason.

  • I was blond a while ago, but I dyed my hair red :P like... dark blonde... ANYWAYS. I think you would look beautiful with brown hair, if you want to dye your hair to meet your boyfriend's tastes! You are beautiful as a blond as well, maybe you could sak him if he would like it if you dyed your hair brown, I'm sure he would! ^_^

  • My last boyfriend only started to be into me after I dyed my naturally blond hair back to blond from it being brown, ha ha XD I'm the anti blond, though, I outsmart this one kid in my music theory class all the time and he hates it. (Hes asian, therefore "supposed" to be smart so he hates that I'm a blond who knows my sh*t better then he does) Anyway, if you have a good personality your hair color should not matter. I perfer brunettes, but I've dated blondes before and its really not a big deal.

  • Be yourself, who the hell cares about statistics and no offense, what your boyfriend thinks... I mean you probably care what he thinks, but do what you like. It's like if your boyfriend and the rest of the world likes a different eye color better than your natural, would you buy contacts and wear them everyday? You can do what you want, if you don't like your natural blonde hair and want to be a brunette go for it, just don't do it because of statistical shit, do it for yourself, I'm a dirty blonde and I've stayed that way and I've been fine with it forever so I could care less what others think. I'm not some ditzy blonde fake Barbie.. or whatever the terms they use against blondes now a days. I do however some girls color their hair blonde and thinking is cute to give natural blondes a bad name, because of their stupidness thinking because I am blonde I can play a roll and act like a dumb fuck. No being blonde is a hard roll I feel, because of the comments and people judging you based on your hair color, whether natural or not.

  • i think girls with darker hair usually look better.

  • Fake blondes look ridiculous so if you are naturally blond (which not many people are) you should love yourself for who you are, I certainly wouldn't dye my hair blond if my partner told me that he prefers blondes.

  • Because we're better. Duh.

    jk...having a preference on hair color is stupid, like "Oh I only date blond chicks, I can't stand those brunette hoes"

    • LOL @ "Oh I only date blond chicks, I can't stand those brunette hoes"

  • Stay blond. Your boyfriend didn't choose you as a brunette did he? So he must be lying when he says he prefers brunette. I'm naturally blond and have no inclination to go over to the dark side. Stay as you are, better to keep your normal colour than risk it. Your boyfriend can go poke it if he doesn't like it.

  • I think blondes get a bad rap for being flaky and stupid and bimbos and brunettes get a bad rap for being prudish and stuffy. It's ridiculous really and I even think some women take on these personalities that are perpetuated to fit their hair color. it's crazy and I think that's why the guys gravitate towards the brunettes because they buy into the stereotypes as well. "blondes are to have fun and brunettes are the ones you take home to mom"

  • Lol! I'm a brunette and I hear it the other way around all the time "men prefer blonds over brunettes". It's really stupid, and doesn't actually matter. Does it make you less beautiful? No. You have a boyfriend, and even though he admits his preference is brunettes, he's with you isn't he? So really, it doesn't matter at all!

  • Girl, don't worry about it. I'm a brunette but dyed my hair blond at one time. It was a bloody pain to keep up. I always retouched up the roots. The fact is, it was fun, but it wasn't me. Now I add a red tint to my hair and I get a lot of attention and compliments...and it has nothing to do with color but rather confidence. If anything, add highlights if you must. Its fun to play with hair color. But if you do change, do it for yourself, not for some guy. Guys say things all the time and don't realize the effects of their words. And we women tend to over analyze. Also, before I went blond I tried wigs to see what shade I wanted. It helped, but again, it's all about you and your confidence. That's sexy, no matter the hair color.

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