Why do men prefer brunettes over blondes?

I'm a natural blond and recently, I asked my boyfriend what hair color he prefers on women. He said that truthfully, he preferred brunettes. I did some research and now I'm realizing that a huge percentage of guys prefer brunettes to blondes. I know it's silly, but now I'm starting to think about dying my hair brown, but I have no idea if it would look good. Any thoughts?


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  • You have gorgeous hair and eyes.

    Back to the question at hand: lately, "Barbie" dolls are starting to become overrated and men start to realize brunettes are way more down to earth than blonds.

    Blonds are gaining a lot of negativity not from the media, the media still promotes them. It's what real life cases teaches us and from my point of view, blond girls are really undesirable (except in bed, lol).

    I'm not saying it's true and we should judge a whole group solely on an individual.


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  • They don't all.

  • I like a mix sometimes. Saw this really really cute blond girl with dark brown strands today, looked awesome on her.

  • It truthfully just depends on the girl... I prefer brunettes yes, but like for example, Emily on this last season of the Bachelor? She was incredibly beautiful.

    I believe it just depends on the individual mostly... I just feel much more inclined to find a brunette attractive, personally, tho.

  • I prefer blondes.

  • I prefer brunets for a strange reason. I'm blond and I don't like the idea of marring a girl with my hair color. hows that for illogical reasoning.

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  • The brunettes think guys prefer blondes and the blondes think the guys prefer brunettes, lol..

    That's why I just go red lol.

    • LOL I don`t think like that. I have confidemce in myself and I don`t care which guys prefer. I`m happy with my hair colour, infact I love it.

    • Nah, kidding. I like the auburn color, so I stick with it cause of that. My natural brunette color has grown out and my Boyfriend doesn't want me to dye it at all because he likes it, but I just prefer Auburn.

    • Auburn hair is gorgeous imo, it`s really nice.

  • i say don't do it because I was a brunette who wanted a change. I got blond highlights thinking it would make my man, now ex, want me more and it backfired. for a few, he liked it but he missed the old me, which I thought shouldn't have mattered because if you love someone, you love them regardless but there's a reason why they call it superficial love.

  • Stay blond. Your boyfriend didn't choose you as a brunette did he? So he must be lying when he says he prefers brunette. I'm naturally blond and have no inclination to go over to the dark side. Stay as you are, better to keep your normal colour than risk it. Your boyfriend can go poke it if he doesn't like it.

  • I`m a brunette myself and I think we`re pretty awesome.

    • Really? I always imagined you as a redhead. No Idea why though

    • Yeah becuase I`m fiery haha. I wanna dye it that colour.

  • he wouldn't be dating you if he really didn't like your hair haha. :) Don't change for a guy, but if you do dye your hair think mink-brown, a medium hazel nut, or a redish-brown color because of your skin tone. :) But also remember once you dye your hair dark it will be hard to get it back to your natrual color unless you just let it grow out. And just because he PREFERS brunettes, doesn't mean that he doesn't LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE! :D

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