Do guys prefer short girls or tall girls?

I'm 4'10 yes I know I'm really short. The guy I like is well over a foot taller than me and I just wanted to know if height is really a problem. Do guys prefer short or tall girls?

  • Short Girls
    19% (111)43% (157)28% (268)Vote
  • Tall Girls
    8% (48)37% (137)19% (185)Vote
  • I just want to see the results
    73% (423)20% (74)53% (497)Vote
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  • I'm more than a full foot taller than you at 6'2" and love that height. You feel really small and girly, and I can be really big and manly. The contrast is nice. I love short women! Fun to cuddle with, and if we get married, fun to throw around in the bed too. ;)


What Guys Said 86

  • Personally, I prefer short girls. I don't know if this the case for guys in general.

  • Honestly, I PREFER tall girls, around my height or taller. It is just a preference.

    BUT it doesn't mean I wasn't in a relationship with a petite one. My last relationship was with a 4'11/5'0 girl. I'm 5'10 myself.

  • I just can't deal with a girl who is taller than me. I'm like 6'2" so I usually don't even have this problem.

  • Personally, I don't have any height requirements. I look ore at the eyes and facial features for the physical and then I look inward for charisma, character and chemistry. Generally though, most of the girls I've dated tend to be shorter (between 4'11 and 5'2), but I have dated and would never exclude a woman who was closer to my height.

    Generally it all comes down to how well you match up in terms of personality, chemistry and compatibility than how you measure up height wise.

    I voted C because I really don't place height constraints on the women I'm attracted to.

  • I find that I am more attracted to short girls. Short to me is like 5'1''-5'6''. I just think they're so much cuter. Now, that doesn't mean I am not attracted to other girls...I just notice the short ones first.

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What Girls Said 48

  • I'm 5'2 lol...Pretty short...

    Oh well, what can you do?

  • Guys prefer short girls! I would do anything to be short! I am 5'8 and only 13. Your so lucky you don't even know

  • What guy would want to be the smaller of the couple?

    I know I would hate dating a short guy, I like feeling small next to a guy

    But I suppose you can't help who you fall for :)

  • I'm on the shorter side (5'2). I've noticed that taller guys are more attracted to me in general (6'1 and taller) than shorter guys are (5'6 and under). I think that as humans we generally try to balance out our genes subconsciously.

  • I've noticed that when it comes to dating that guys just want a girl that isn't taller than them. But I'm 5'3 and my male friends have told me that in terms of attractiveness they'd consider someone my height to be cute and pretty rather than hot and sexy. Not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. I think it all boils down to your personality and the connection you have. If you guys click well then then the height difference won't even be noticeable to either of you.

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