Do guys prefer short girls or tall girls?

I'm 4'10 yes I know I'm really short. The guy I like is well over a foot taller than me and I just wanted to know if height is really a problem. Do guys prefer short or tall girls?

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  • I just want to see the results
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  • I'm more than a full foot taller than you at 6'2" and love that height. You feel really small and girly, and I can be really big and manly. The contrast is nice. I love short women! Fun to cuddle with, and if we get married, fun to throw around in the bed too. ;)


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  • I would not mind a nice change for once seeing her tall, but not a big body though

  • Personally, I prefer short girls. I don't know if this the case for guys in general.

  • Honestly, I PREFER tall girls, around my height or taller. It is just a preference.

    BUT it doesn't mean I wasn't in a relationship with a petite one. My last relationship was with a 4'11/5'0 girl. I'm 5'10 myself.

  • I just can't deal with a girl who is taller than me. I'm like 6'2" so I usually don't even have this problem.

  • Personally, I don't have any height requirements. I look ore at the eyes and facial features for the physical and then I look inward for charisma, character and chemistry. Generally though, most of the girls I've dated tend to be shorter (between 4'11 and 5'2), but I have dated and would never exclude a woman who was closer to my height.

    Generally it all comes down to how well you match up in terms of personality, chemistry and compatibility than how you measure up height wise.

    I voted C because I really don't place height constraints on the women I'm attracted to.

  • I find that I am more attracted to short girls. Short to me is like 5'1''-5'6''. I just think they're so much cuter. Now, that doesn't mean I am not attracted to other girls...I just notice the short ones first.

  • Same height to -8" seems to be ideal for dancing, hugging, etc. = quite a range

    otherwise, other features take the lead, such as looks, personality, IQ/conversations

  • I'm 6'2" and while I like girls of any height, it is awesome to see girls 5'10"+. It's great being able to see eye-to-eye. But I almost dated a girl your height, actually. But if I could find a girl who is tall, gangly, and super-geeky. That would be perfect.

  • I know I am not going to definitely answer your question due to the fact that I like both. I do not have a preference in height. I mainly are attracted to her legs. I have checked out and liked legs on both short girls and tall girls. But if you are short, I will find you hott if you are not fat. Tall girls have more room to play in that category. But I would say I have been driven nuts by more short girls than tall. But it all depends on her legs.

  • Dem shorties, honestly I prefer shorter than me. Somewhere from 5'10 and below

  • Right now it's 50/50 which in all probabality means that guys like girls to be shorter than them, but for the girl to be around average height for a girls. I'm 186 cm +- 6'1 and I like my girls to be between 165cm(5'4) and 190cm (6'2 ). Being a guy and knowing many guys height is not a top 5 priorty for guys as it is for girls so you shouldn't worry about it.

  • I don't have a preference, but I do sort of get the following vibes:

    Short girls tend to be cuter and easier to pick up and carry around and do other things with (*wink wink, nudge nudge*). I feel like they can be bubbly and warm.

    Tall girls tend to have really nice bodies (isn't height a requirement for being a model?) and have physically more to love ('twice the size, twice the ride' *wink wink, nudge nudge*). I feel like they can be really cool, too, for some reason, but intimidating to approach.

    I'm a slightly short guy (5'8") who has never had a girlfriend, though, so maybe that's why height doesn't matter to me. If the rest are like me, then short guys just want love.

    • You think the difficulty of picking up a woman is determined by the body she was born in? That's interesting.

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    • Wait, I don't think you understood what I meant by 'pick up'. I meant physically carry.

      Ugh, but I can tell you didn't actually read everything I said...

    • Okay, let's clarify things because I might be misreading you as well;

      When I first used 'pick up' I meant physically. As in something physically smaller will undoubtedly be easier to carry. That's not to say that tall girls can't be light. This is just the vibe I get.

      When you replied I thought you meant pickup as in 'land a date with'. I also saw the thumbs down on my post along with your reply...

      Then I replied with the 'land a date with' meaning, because from my POV you misunderstood.

  • I like taller girls. I think there's something weird of towering over girls when they're not in heels. I'd go five inches less but probably no less so 5'5 is my cut off.

  • I'm 6'7, I really don't have a preference.but if I had to choose a woman that's shorter than me

  • I'm 5'9 so I prefer 5'0-5'8, short girls are more cute in a way but tall can be sexy as well :)

    • Height doesn’t always have to matter, but preferably the guy should be taller than the girl so in your case, it might work.

  • The truth is that I mostly like short girls , but that said its not like I dislike tall girls .

    So I guess its more of a think of how good a certain girl is for a certain guy and less about how tall or short she may be , there are preferences but there is not a rule about who we may like or not and why we may like them or not .

  • I've seen really tall women who are sexy and really short women who are sexy. Doesn't matter at all to me.

  • Shorter girls are cuter

    4"10' I dated girls with that height, I liked it.

    My girl is 6"

    I'm 6"4'

    We fit together, but nothing else fits her.

    It is difficult for her to get a cute look

  • I tend to be attracted to girls on the shorter side but I wouldn't overlook someone for being tall. I've never met a girl who was taller than me anyway not that that would influence my opinion about them.

  • My preference is usually for short girls, because they are the ones I actually have a chance with. if a taller girl showed interest though, I wouldn't mind dating her either. But that never happens, so I'm usually with shorter women.

  • I only date short girls.

  • I think short women are cute.

  • Short girls are much sweeter for me.

  • As long as their shorter than me is short enough but I prefer a girl around 5'5''.. i"m 5'10''

  • Idc so long as she isn't a damn giant. I am like 6'2" - 6'3" so, yeah...

  • as long as she is shorter than me, than I'm all good. but if she's taller than me, then I'd probably be a bit hesitant.

  • I want girls to be cute, I think shorter is cute...

  • It depends on the guy. As for me, I am a tall skinny guy who stands 6-foot-1 so I gravitated toward short heavyset girls. Case in point. One of my short heavyset girlfriends was more fat than stocky and she was incredibly strong! She stood only 4-foot-9 but she weighed in at a massive 190 pounds while I weighed in at a measly 125 pounds (10 lbs skinnier than I am right now) even though I towered over her by an incredible sixteen inches! One day, she boldly challenged me to a weightlifting contest to find out which one of us could lift a bigger, heavier barbell overhead. I figured I could easily outlift her simply because I stood way taller than she did without even considering the fact that she far outweighed me. She came over to my place where there was a big, heavy, fully-loaded barbell that I had already set up on the floor. I already knew I wasn't strong enough to lift it over my head because I had already tried. I watched her while she lifted that big heavy barbell up from the floor and then she easily swung it up over her shoulders and then she easily lifted it over her head. I just stood there, STUNNED! I told her I couldn't do it but she still wanted to see me try (she said to me: "Now let's see you do it"). While she looked on, I lifted that big, heavy barbell up from the floor but when I tried to lift it over my head, I COULDN'T EVEN GET IT ABOVE MY THIGHS! It didn't turn her off. In fact, it turned the both of us on! Afterward, we both walked over to the sofa where she and I began kissing each other passionately and caressing each other while we both stood in front of each other. I was barechested. I stood so much taller than she did that my nipples actually rose above her mouth!

  • i actually like girls of my height not taller, not too short either.

  • Don't have a preference

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  • I'm 5'2 lol...Pretty short...

    Oh well, what can you do?

  • Guys prefer short girls! I would do anything to be short! I am 5'8 and only 13. Your so lucky you don't even know

  • What guy would want to be the smaller of the couple?

    I know I would hate dating a short guy, I like feeling small next to a guy

    But I suppose you can't help who you fall for :)

  • I'm on the shorter side (5'2). I've noticed that taller guys are more attracted to me in general (6'1 and taller) than shorter guys are (5'6 and under). I think that as humans we generally try to balance out our genes subconsciously.

  • I've noticed that when it comes to dating that guys just want a girl that isn't taller than them. But I'm 5'3 and my male friends have told me that in terms of attractiveness they'd consider someone my height to be cute and pretty rather than hot and sexy. Not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. I think it all boils down to your personality and the connection you have. If you guys click well then then the height difference won't even be noticeable to either of you.

  • seems that most guys like shorter girls. threyre just hotter

    • Actually, shorter girls are cuter. Taller girls have the nicer bodies.

      But height isn't an issue for women. If a girl likes a guy (regardless of size) she just needs to tell him she likes him.

      No, the real reason these questions pop-up is because of all girls having interest in getting attention from tall guys. It's stupid in so many ways.

  • As long as you don't look like Snookie I'm sure you're fine lol.

  • I am 5 '2 and always have been hit on by 6' or over I love it, but I love big guys, and they seem to love me:)

    • I'm a 6' guy and I melt inside when I see short girls. :[ They are the best.

  • From my experience.. shorter than them.

    That could be anything really!

    Most men don't like to be towered over, saying that, if you have a 5ft man he will prefer someone under 5ft, if you have a 7ft man, 4ft will most likely be too short!

    Of course, there are exceptions to the rule :)

  • Idk, I'm really short. Like I'm only 5feet, but I think I'm TOO short. I might get lost in the blankets on a king sized bed.

    • 5 feet is perfect for a woman, you are not too short :)

    • Thank you. I kind of make fun of my own height at times. I think it's ironic since all of my siblings are freakishly tall and I'm below average.

    • You are welcome. I've always found myself attracted to short girls. I'm 6'0 and 5'0-ish girls make me melt inside. :) I just feels so romantic and sexy at the same time, protecting and caring for her. A girl my height feels more like a good buddy to me. So don't worry about it. Short girls rock. :)

  • nooooo I'm not prefered

  • Im 5'9... boizzzz?

    • But would you date a guy who is 5'8"...

      Too bad I wasn't born when that was the average *sigh*

    • No but the ridiculous part is because it makes me feel insecure about me.. the guy could be otherwise perfect.

  • I'm 5'0 and I have many guys telling me they love short and cute girls like me. But I personally think that tall girls are much sexier than short girls.

  • Any guy who actually cares about a girl's height is not worth it. As a girl, I prefer to date guys who are at least as tall as me, but height is not a deal breaker.

  • I say tall because long legs are nice to look at. But guys like girls who are shorter than they.

    -love Sosa

  • I've asked a few guys about this, basically most of them agreed that they wouldn't be comfortable with a girl taller than them (though I do personally know a few couples like this). However, they also said that there was such a thing as being "too short", to the point where the girl's height (or lack of I guess) annoyed them. I'm about 5'7" I think, my boyfriend 6'3", when I asked him he basically told me I was about as short as he'd go.

  • I'm 5'3 and my boyfriend is 6'2. I admit I wear heels when I'm around him just so I can kiss him easier lol.

  • I think most guys prefer short girls. Or at least shorter than them. I was with a 6'2 guy once who really liked girls around 5'3.

  • i would say most guys want a woman shorter than them.

  • What do guys think of medium (like me) 5"4'-5"6'?

  • Im short and I say average height guys like me more than tall

  • Short but still average! Meaning not so short 5'0 to 5'5

  • Personally, I LOOOOOOOVE short girls. I know tons of guys who feel the same way, but at the same time height usually isn't a deal breaker.

  • Wow, I didn't expect it to be so close for the men. I'm 5'1" and from experience, guys tend to go for girls who will still be shorter than them with heels on.

  • I'm 4'10 too *high-fives* >.< my boyfriend's 6ft.. and I've dated guys who are taller.. and so has my mom (she's 4'11).. so I don't think you need to worry :D

  • I don't think it really matters to them.

  • I always think tall girls are prettier. They look elegant I'm five feet and I feel like a little awkward kid even though in 18. I wish inwere just average height

    • awwww come here you little kid lol jk ;p

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    • Oh I think it's funny. I was quoting it so...awkward

    • I'd take someone who's 5 feet in a heartbeat :) I'm 6 foot and a girl my height feels more like a buddy and way too manly. Short girls make me melt, they are almost always elegant and sexy. Be proud of your height, have confidence. :)

  • Most guys like shorter girls more. But different guys have different tastes. I'm 5'8/9 and guys have no issues with my height.

  • I bet guys prefer shorter ones. Tall ones are intimidating.

    • Woah! Chill with the thumbs down!.im speaking from what I hear. I'm no short girl either...

  • Even if guys like tall girls lets be honest how many couples do you see with a taller girl

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