Guys, are you attracted to the way women walk?

I was talking to a guy friend of mine the other day and he said that he finds himself very attracted to how certain girls walk.

I was like...whoa...that's news to me.

So, do you guys take notice of a girl's walk/stride/strut and are you attracted to some more then others?

Please explain.


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  • Yes definitely.

    I'm really attracted to when a girl really walks in a famine way instead of shaggy in scooby doo (which, sadly, is how many girls walk).

    I really like it when girls are very feminine in their ways (sitting with legs crossed, walking like a model with their hips swinging, chest and breast sticking out etc).

    I've never been attracted to girls who walk normal or like men lol.

    • Yeah man. That's sexy feminine strut of a sophisticated lady is a knockout, especially when she has a banging booty...could watch that all day


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  • Absolutely! I love the way girls look, I love their mannerisms, the way they walk, the way they sit. I love watching a girl with a cute but the way it moves as she walks, its very sexy, and high heels accentuate that look. Good looking girls are a turn on and walking is just part of the overall look. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they walk too. Are they slumped over and depressed looking or happy and perky confident in themselves?

  • Not really...unless she stops to stretch her legs like this: link

  • A walk will not do much for me. If I'm attracted to a girl how she walks won't matter.

  • no, not really. as long as a girl doesn't walk like a cripple/a duck it doesn't matter.


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  • The way a girl walks and moves can be very sexy, in my opinion :) I think guys mainly notice it only when it's either exceptional or totally lacking, however.