Why did he let me see him in his underwear?

I spent the night in the same room with my guy friend (that I kind of dated for a little while but it never went anywhere) and he wore his underwear to bed. (Tightie-whities). He knew we'd be in the same room so it wasn't a surprise or anything (like he didn't have a chance to bring shorts or something.) I get that a lot of guys sleep in their underwear, but I kind of wonder why he let me see him walking around like that? I could see everything! Did it mean something do you think or was it no big deal? (I wore pajamas and definitely wouldn't walk around in my underwear in front of him. Unless I wanted something to happen, that is!)

Well, I don't know for certain what the underwear was about, but things have changed and we're definitely a couple now! (Not sure that should be a dating strategy though!) All's well that ends well.


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  • I wouldn't walk around my room in my underware with just any girl watching. personaly if I was in my boxers I would get hard just thinking about a chick seeing me in my underware. that and knowing there's only one layer between me and the open air.

    so I defnatly would only walk around in my boxers if there's a cute girl I want to try and get with.


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  • He was definitely testing you to assess whether you were interested. . . and it worked. Congratulations to both of you!

  • "(I wore pajamas and definitely wouldn't walk around in my underwear in front of him. Unless I wanted something to happen, that is!)"

    I believe you just answered your own question.

  • It pretty much meant he was flirting with you. Glad to see your a couple now. :)

  • Men don't really care.

  • yeah glad to see your a couple now :-)

    • And still going strong!

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  • it's a guy's way of flirting. like he wants to either show off or wants you to think sexually of him

  • I don't know, I've had my guy friends drop trou is front of me... granted they wear boxers. I think widy whities are a bit more "intimate". Guys sleep in their underwear, I wouldn't think much of it unless he attempted to get fresh WHILE only wearing the underwear.

  • what do you mean by "I could see everything"...

    you didn't see anything more than any girl would see on a beach ...or at least this is what I thing...

    seems okay, unless he was erect and had a boner :p

    • YUP! That's what I mean....

    • Then he has it erect, maybe he wanted to send that exact message you received !!

      and here you are asking what did he mean?...the guy wanted you to see he has an erection for you so if you are interested maybe you would offer some help if you are free with that !!....

      that's what I'm thinking. he finds you attractive and so yeah he is interested I think but still guys don't care much about how you would think about that. he would obviously like it when you notice him having an erection .....