Why is he trying to get my attention?

A guy has been flirting with me for a while, he is quite shy around me and nice and cold sometimes.Nothing has ever happened simply because each of us has been in a relationship . I thought we both moved on, we met again after sometimes, I wanted to be just friend so I said hi to him, but didn't... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • from what I've read (in ur note) it seems like he likes you now and is trying to get ur attention because he sees something that he hasn't seen before. OR he's just playing games with you. I'm in a similar situation where a guy calls me and then he doesn't (just like that he plays games with me). when we're together or talking, he acts like none of the 'ignoring' ever happened and just continues to flirt.

    i say, it's your choice on whether you want this to continue or not. you can tell him how you feel about this situation, or even ask him 'why he's doing this'. if you hate this situation you're in and you want it to stop, then simply tell him and you'll feel better.

    good luck! :)